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Memorial Day Weekend Fun

I had a wonderful, fun filled Memorial Day weekend: Fleet Week, Bar Bacon, backyard BBQ with great friends.

On Friday, I headed to Times Square to see The “Rhode Island Sound,” a division of Navy Band Northeast perform. I loved how they sounded: Energetic, polished and fun! The songs they played ranged from contemporary hits such as Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off,” to more classic tunes, like Prince’s “Kiss” and Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode.” They ended with the catchy “Don’t Stop Believing,” and effectively got all of us to dance and sing along.

fleetweek2015_bandThere were also Marines stationed nearby with guns and a huge military tank. I held one of the guns, as pictured below.

fleetweek2015_marine I also climbed up on top of the tank, which was quite high and was a little disconcerting, but also felt exhilarating being up at such an altitude and able to see all of Times Square.

fleetweek2015_marine2There were also sailors around, so of course I had to take a selfie with a sailor! #SelfieWithASailor

fleetweek2015_sailorsSaturday morning I met up with a bunch of friends to go on the free ship tour. This year, the Navy and Marines came in on the USS San Antonio. We got to see various types of machinery/artillery/tanks, warfare/weapons,  cargo/ammo vehicles, electronics, living quarters and the medical room. My favorite area of the ship was the outdoor upper deck, which boasted a lovely view of the Coast Guard ship and the New York City skyline.


We had a fun time exploring the USS San Antonio, and couldn’t leave without a group photo with one of the sailors!

fleetweek2015_group picAfter the ship tour, we headed to a nearby restaurant bar in Hell’s Kitchen called Bar Bacon. I had actually heard of the place before and been wanting to try it, because who doesn’t love bacon in everything?

barbacon signWe shared two appetizers: Sauteed brussel sprouts with a delicious sauce and thick cut pieces of bacon and fried pickles. The brussel sprouts were amazing! Such intense flavor and fresh taste! I loved the texture and sort of meatiness of the brussel sprouts. Even if there weren’t any bacon in the dish, I would have been completely satisfied.

barbacon_brussel sproutsThe fried pickles were speared and looked like french fries. They came piping hot so that was good, but otherwise they were just okay.

barbacon_fried pickles

It was difficult for me to choose a main course, because I was looking at two options: French Toast or open faced chicken club sandwich. I ended up sharing with a friend, so was able to experience the best of both worlds. I started with the sandwich, which came beautifully presented. The sandwich came with grilled chicken, Applewood smoked bacon, romaine, organic tomato and chipotle mayonnaise and my, it was delicious! All the ingredients complemented each other and came together perfectly. The chicken was wonderful and juicy; bacon had just the right amount of crispness; the sauce gave it an extra zest of flavor.

barbacon_sandwichThe brioche french toast (only served on weekends) was also artfully presented and came with bacon maple butter, two slices of bacon, strawberries and whipped cream. The accompanying components were very tasty, but the I thought the bread itself was a bit too tough/hard. I prefer my french toast to be fluffy and moist.

barbacon_french toastI also went to a BBQ at a friend’s lovely backyard. We had extremely juicy delicious pulled pork, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, fruit, salad and the star of the event: BBQ ribs! They were succulent, smoky and finger-lickin’ good!

BBQribsLater, we enjoyed one of our friend’s amazing homemade key lime pie. It was delectable… Wonderful light lemon flavor with a killer graham-cracker crust and a bit of whipped cream to add to the already amazing layers of deliciousness. BBQkeylime pieIt turned out to be a great weekend with amazing food, friends and fun!


Bar Bacon
836 9th Ave
New York, NY

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Fleet Week 2014


Happy to report that Fleet Week was back this year! It was smaller than other years, but still had a great time, as you can surmise from meeting Marines and sailors in the Meatpacking District (above), as well as Coast Guards in Herald Square (below).


I also took a tour of the USS Oak Hill at Pier 92. My friend and I had a fun time climbing on top of the machinery, chatting with Marines on duty.


Then we went on the outside deck to see the planes and a gorgeous view of the water and NYC. We also took some shots with sailors, Navy officers and pilots.


Even though this comes late, I want to salute these men who are bravely fighting for our country and wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day!

fleetweek_memorialday 2014

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Fleet Week Festivities


I kissed  a sailor and I liked it!

I started off celebrating Fleet Week on Friday at USMC Day at Battery Park. It was great- Full of good looking men in the crisp tan and blue uniform, as well as dress blues. There were US Marine trucks and tanks all around. They let me hold the machine guns, and were sweet about it too. I even got to see live demonstrations of different fighting tactics & techniques. While taking pictures with the Marines, one of the girls commented, “I love it when they flex,” to which they responded with  sexy grins, “We’re not flexing” which made me even more enamored.

The next few days I went out to West Village, Meatpacking, Times Square and met some more US Navy and Marines. I had some great conversations with the them and did my fair bit of flirting.


On Monday, for Memorial Day, some friends and I did the free ship tours at Piers 90 & 92 of the USS Wasp and the USS Roosevelt. The Wasp was massive. We went on the flight deck and saw all different helicopters and pilots/technicians that built and run them.

I even a ran into the Navy cuties I met the previous night at Hotel Gansevoort Rooftop. When I mentioned to them that we went to Social after, they tried to assure me they went to look for the place on 48th and 8th ave and couldn’t find it. Oh well, it was great to see them again and had some time to chat more.  I even gave them the idea to display the special silver uniforms and let people try them. The Navy boys are pictured below:

I went to the lower level of the ship after chatting with the Navy boys. In this area there were tons of machine guns and different tanks on display. I climbed on top 1 of the larger tanks- They are really huge and high up.

Then we had  group guided tour of the USS Roosevelt, which smaller than the Wasp but still pretty awesome. Even though it was super hot outside, there was  lovely view from the ship of the Wasp and the open water. We climbed downwards in order to see special rooms, like the Watch (Navigation) Room and the Combat Room which were both so cool. We also got to see the board room, the Captain’s special state room, and the cafeteria.

uss roosevelt

Thank you boys to another great Fleet Week! Have a safe voyage home, or to where-ever you’re going next as you sail away from NYC early morning tomorrow. Wish you could stay!

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