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Fairy Tale Fashion Exhibit

The museum at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) recently exhibited “Fairy Tale Fashion,” which displayed gorgeous and dazzling dresses, gowns, high heel shoes and displays that harken back to stories such as Cinderella, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Little Red Riding Hood, Alice & Wonderland and many more. Below were some of my favorite designs.

I loved the filmy, ethereal quality of the long white gown, along with the little sparkle of silver on top and the elaborate pattern of the other dress, as well as the dramatic plunging neckline. Both of these dresses are incredibly glamorous.


Then there was this gown, which I found beautiful beyond measure. I love the way the gown floats outward towards the bottom and the roses all over. The black sash high above the waist is perfectly positioned and adds structure to the design. Absolutely breathtaking!

FIT_white gown

These were my favorite pair of heels on display. I loved the dainty detail of the design, especially the butterfly cut outs that stud the front and back.


One of my favorite displays was this aquatic mermaid-y wonderland scene. The focal point was the sparkling dress with pale pink and white flowers all over it. All the metallic and flowy material of the other outfits worked well to form a wonderful cohesive underwater theme.


Another display I liked was the forest scheme that was modeled for Snow White. The dazzling white dresses set off the centerpiece which showcases a colorful and interesting design, which all go well with the darker and sexier gowns on the edges.


I found the entire exhibit to be inspiring, beautiful and magical.


Unfortunately, the “Fairy Tale Fashion” exhibit has ended, but current exhibits at FIT are: “Uniformity” and “Bookends.” Upcoming exhibits include “Proust’s Muse, The Countess Greffulhe,” “Black Fashion Designers,” “Paris Refashioned: 1957-1968” and “Force of Nature.”


The Museum at FIT
227 W. 27 St
New York, NY


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Exploring Shanghai 2014


I had an amazing time in China! I stayed with family in Shanghai, China most of the time, but we also took little trips to nearby smaller towns: Suzhou and Ningbo. (More on that later!)

I really enjoyed sightseeing at the Bund (with the view of the waterfront and Oriental Pearl Tower), Nanjing Lu and other famous shopping streets, beautiful malls, lovely botanical gardens, and Wild Animal Park (Z00), where we got to see lions, tigers/white tigers, cheetahs and bears up close in their natural habitat! Here are some photos from my adventures:

The Bund

The Bund

Shopping Street with the Best Bargains

Shopping Street with the Best Bargains

Purchases: Michael Kors & Dior handbags; Tea; Paris notebooks; London scarf

Purchases: Michael Kors & Dior handbags; Tea; Paris notebooks; London scarf



Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

Close up of Tiger at Wild Animal Park

Close up of Tiger at Wild Animal Park

Feeding Baby White Tiger at Wild Animal Park

Feeding Baby White Tiger at Wild Animal Park

Family in China

Family in China

I will be adding more photos and stories of my experience in China soon!

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The Met: Beyond Fashion


I headed to the Metropolitan Museum to check out the Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibit, which has since ended. Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl said it best: “Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It is movement, design and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be.”

{Shameless Plug: I recently created a Gossip Girl Instagram account; please follow me @gossipgirlsparkles}


Charles James is a “British-born fashion designer known as ‘America’s First Couturier.’ He is widely considered to have been a master of cutting and is known for his highly structured aesthetic.” Which can definitely evident in the examples of his work below.



We had to go through back to the main floor and through quite a few rooms to find the last part of the fashion exhibit, but it was worth it to see the truly gorgeous dresses on display. This one may well be my favorite: Elegant, exquisite and unique. I love the sweetheart neckline, the flattering shape, the white satiny backdrop and that black & white pattern at the waist, down the back coming back around in the front and the way the gown fans out.


This was my other favorite: Deeply romantic and sweetly classic.  Once again the sweetheart neckline, the ruching, the pale pink/plum color, the luxurious material and tulle skirt.


My next favorite was this amazing geometric feat of beauty. Truly stylish, graceful, polished and refined. The material shined bright, the cut is simple but perfect and the black velvet swirl dances in front of you.


Photo Credit: @metmuseum Instagram

Then there was this little number: Regal and sexy at the same time. Beautiful deep red color, velvety top with satin draped skirt and white tulle.

metfashion_dress3“Charles James: Beyond Fashion” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art was one of the best exhibits I’ve ever been to at any museum and I was so happy to catch it while it was there.


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Summer Style 2014

Welcome to Summer!

I’ve been enjoying free screenings (I even got to attend the NY Premiere of Edge of Tomorrow, with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in attendance!), BBQs, potlucks, blockbuster movies, outdoor on location photo shoots, World Science Festival at Washington Square Park, Farmer’s Market and some great dinners out… All in fashionable style!

Some of my favorite women’s summer wear styles are full skirts, lace, aqua, biker jackets, skater skirts, florals and bright colors. And on men: Nautical stripes, white, chambray, messenger bags and fitted blazers.

One of my all time prettiest shirts is a pop of mint green color in lace, which I like to wear accented with a bright pink flower.


Then there’s aqua blue, that beautiful color between green + blue really stands out!


Another great summer trend is bright colors. This hot pink top really dresses up the black full skirt.


And of course, floral print which can be paired with biker jacket when it gets a bit nippy on those summer evenings out!

Below is an infographic of Summer 2014 style trends for women and men, provided by one of my favorite recycled clothing stores, Crossroads Trading Company!

Crossroads Summer 2014
Crossroads Trading Company
24 W 26th St
New York, NY

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Chinese New Year Parade at AC

This past weekend, I walked in the Chinese New Year Parade in Atlantic City with some great friends- Some I already knew and many I just met with the group,  Asian in NY. We each were given a special costume to wear during the parade. Mine was a lovely shiny orange color with gold brocading and flower design detailing.


There were also bigger Victorian style dresses that I absolutely loved. My favorite is the white one with pale shimmery pink satin and gold accents.

Victorian dresses

We finally got into formation for the parade and got to stand on one of the floats. It was pretty awesome to be up high and see everything from that vantage point.


However, only a certain number of people were allowed to be on the float, so we had to walk the rest of the parade. It turned out to be not so bad- It had started to snow gently, which was better than last year when it rained.  We walked on the boardwalk and then through a couple casinos. I had a wonderful time waving to spectators and fans, and enjoyed having my picture snapped and getting cheered or clapped on. The parade ended at Bally’s and we got to see an amazing lion dance performance.

After that, we were all very hungry so was happy to indulge in a free buffet lunch. There were chicken wings, veal, sausage, mashed potato, pastas, chow mien, pork dumplings, vegetable stir fry and more. The food itself was mediocre at best, but we couldn’t really complain… After all, it was free!

DSCN6970When we were finished eating, we headed to Caesar’s Ballroom to pick up our free gift. They were cute little tea cup with a top and spoon with sweet adorable designs.


We spent some time shopping at Caesar’s Outlets after that and even got to see part of the water fountain show.

It had such a lovely time with everyone: Great costumes, good conversations, much laughter,  fun times, lasting memories…


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How to Add Color to Your Wardrobe: Radiant Orchid

Written By Fashionable & Fabulous Guest Blogger, Jackie Miller

Personal Wardrobe Stylist/ CEO of From the Closet Style


The new year is here and you need to update your wardrobe but don’t know where to begin and you’re on a super tight budget. Adding accents to your wardrobe can makes a big difference in building or updating your style. My top tip is by starting at and finding what colors are on trend the season.

If you have heard the latest buzz, Radiant Orchid is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2014 which amazing shade of purple that speak volumes. Here are a few great ways you can fit this wonderful color in your life.


When starting to add this color to your closet start with the basics. Don’t spend a lot of money but keep it simple so it can easily be added to your existing wardrobe.

Radiant Orchid - Basics Under $50

Day to Night

With this look keep your basics that you can change your accessories. Effortless!

Radiant Orchid - Day to Night


For evening, this color is very versatile for any style. Don’t be afraid to choose a contrasting color when deciding your accessories.

Radiant Orchid - Evening


The weekends are your days to have fun! Go for funky bold pieces and also be bold with your makeup. I kept the top neutral because you want everything to stand out. This is where you embrace your new favorite color!

Radiant Orchid - Weekend

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Studio Photo Shoot


I recently had a studio photo shoot with photographer Ahmad Amin. I came with four fashionable, yet fundamentally different outfits. The first was a long hot pink gown to be worn during a more formal affair.  I picked it up while I was in New Delhi, India. It’s a gorgeous filmy fuchsia color with dark blue brocading (with gold detailing) in an intricate swirly design down the front and bottom trim. It was fun to twirl and swirl around in this beautiful dress that made me feel like an Indian princess. With it, I wore this with high heel black boots with sparkles.


The next outfit was a more festive out on the town look: Forever 21 black skirt with shiny gold design, ruffly black top, paired with lacy cream white high heels with a large glittering brooch that I bought in Shanghai.

Below, is a close up view of the outfit.

The third outfit was a flirty fresh and light little number: Another Forever 21 skirt of sea foam green in eyelit lace with satiny underlay with a long sleeve white top that has a sort of older vintage style to it.

The last outfit is a striped cowl-neck sweater dress with alternating stripes of dark blue and light blue. This is a great casual, fun look for winter!


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Gorgeous Party Dresses

I know it seems a long way off, but before you know it, spring will be approaching, so party season will be in full swing. Now is the time to prepare beautiful dresses so that you’re ready to attend your happy parties. But what to wear? There’s no need to worry about this anymore… I will introduce you a professional online store that can solve your entire party dress problem!

The site is This shop specializes in various dresses for all types of formal occasions, such as prom, evening, office, ball, wedding and much more. Women of all sizes can find a fabulous dress! It doesn’t matter whether you are an hourglass, pearl shape, or round shape; each body shape has a large number of options here. You can also customize dresses to fit your shape. You will no longer have to worry about finding  a dress that fits your body perfectly.

Now, let me show you some dresses I really enjoy…

Dress 1 Sweetheart Asymmetrical Tulle Sheath/Column Prom Dresses
This dress is famous for its front and rear asymmetrical hemline. I also like the rhinestone embellishment. And the tulle material will make you like a fairy.

Dress 2 Strapless Trumpet/Mermaid Sleeveless Chiffon Floor-length Prom Dresses
A long dress is the classic party dresses. For this style, no matter what color you choose, it will look amazing on your body. Pair this with a shining necklace and all eyes will be on you.

Dress 3
A-line Strapless Ruffles Sleeveless Knee-length Chiffon Dress
This green dress is fresh, sweet and flirty. It’s perfect for spring and if you like something more colorful.

Dress 4
Sheath/Column Elastic Woven Satin Strapless Floor-length Lace White Evening Dress
Last but not least, I strongly recommend this dress. Black and white colors are the eternal classic fashion colors. And the detail of black lace makes this dress even more classy and elegant.

You want to see more, right? Then come to this shop to have a look around. Dress up your curves and find a style that you love! May you have a great shopping time!

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Photo Shoot at Flushing Meadows Park


I have been neglecting my modeling for the past couple months, but had a recent Autumn shoot at Flushing Meadows Park with photographer Ahmed Amin. The day was slightly sunny, blustery but certainly not as cold as it has gotten, of course. And the park was absolutely beautiful. Breathtaking even. It’s ironic that I live in Flushing and have not properly visited this park before. I will have to explore it more at a later date: Spring, when it’s warmer.

Flushing Meadows Park is home to the Unisphere, which is an incredible display and humongous. When I first arrived to the park and saw it in person, I gazed up in it in awe. It rendered me speechless and it took me a moment to catch my breath. There’s a very replica at Columbus Circle, which in no way, shape or form compares to the the masterpiece of steel and construction in Flushing Meadows Park.


After composing myself, I met up with the photographer and I changed into my first outfit, which was a sweet pale pink lace dress by Xhilaration. The dress was paired with smart high heel black boots (Merona) with gold belt buckle detail on the side. I tried it first with the Levi’s leather jacket that I had brought with me and found that it didn’t work, so proceeded to shoot for the next hour in just the dress. Even though it was cold and getting chillier, I was in the zone and didn’t really feel it.

We started near the Unisphere, where I spotted a cute gazebo which I ran to, posing against and around the structure. I believe this shot shows off the dress and shoes really well.


We then got some shots with the Unisphere in the background. I had fun with it, posing in different ways, shapes, forms; flipping the hair; giving happy, fun, sweet, sassy expressions and looks. I like the flirty pose of this shot and the way the photographer has captured the cut and sway of the dress.


There is usually a fountain running along with the Unisphere, but the day we were shooting the parks apparently decided to turn it off. Despite the disappointment of not experiencing the Unisphere in all its glory, it worked in our favor, because I had the opportunity to climb across the fountain area and then up under the Unisphere! It was exhilarating to be so high up, which definitely shows in my expression.


At this point, the sun was starting to go down and it was starting to get darker so I changed into a more suitable outfit. Grey skinny pants with black zebra stripes by Jolt, the Levi’s leather jacket, and a Cable & Gauge jewel turquoise colored turtleneck. The photographer snapped a quick shot of me in this get up in front of the Queens Theater.

FlushingMeadowsMeWe took some shots of me sitting on the bench, in front of a tree lined area then picked a spot full of leaves where I sat and had some fun throwing leaves up in the air for an Autumn-themed shot.

IMG_9420-EditThen we did some shots of me in a tree and closer up ones hanging onto trees/branches. I personally love how this shot is dark all around, but lit up where it counts- My face and my hair, showing off the red color.


Overall, quite a successful outdoor shoot! Stay tuned for more images from last week’s studio shoot of very varying looks…

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Brooklyn Night Bazaar


It’s not often that I venture into Brooklyn, but when I heard about the Brooklyn Night Bazaar “A night market and concert space that brings together independent vendors, musicians, chefs and artists,” I knew I had to experience it for myself. The Bazaar is located in a warehouse in Greenpoint, open on Friday and Saturday nights from 6pm to midnight. Admission is free, but it’s a good idea to get there a little early because there will be a line and they stagger entry. There was still quite a decent sized line when I left around 9pm.


Upon entering the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, you’re hit with an array of lights, color, hip and cool clothes, jewelry and other merchandise. We headed in toward the back where we were met with a barrage of food vendors, such as The Morris Truck (grilled cheese), The Lobster Joint, Oaxaca Taqueria, and Arancini Bros (rice balls). The first thing I had to try was the only $5 lobster slider from The Lobster Joint and it was delicious. I’m usually not a huge fan of lobster rolls because I dislike cold lobster, but this slider was not super chilled. The lobster was fresh and tasted full of flavor, with the perfect amount of mayo and accompanying coleslaw.


I also had to get myself a bubble tea drink from Tea n’ Milk. I chose the iced Chai House Special with tapioca pearls. The tea was brewed fresh and tasted wonderful. I enjoyed it with the thick, sweet condensed milk and the sprinkling of cinnamon.


Then I got to try some mac and cheese with truffle that was pan fried and then breaded & fried on top of that! This was a heaping dish of pure yummyness, along with the sauce they added to it. It was perfectly crispy, juicy, cheesy and completely fattening and indulgent.


I couldn’t resist trying the lamb bun after seeing the lamb roasting slowly in front of my eyes. It came with sweet dark brown sauce, pomegranate seeds, parsley. It unfortunately did not taste as wonderfully as I had expected and ended up liking the pork bun quite a bit more.


I was able to taste a few other items: Thin crust sausage pizza (tasty), risotto rice ball (decent), truffle grilled cheese sandwich (divine), and much later, some ice cream. I chose two flavors: Vanilla caramel and tres leches. Both turned out to be delightful, smooth, sweet, rich and complimented one another. The tres leches even had pieces of tres leches cake swirled in, which took it to the next level of deliciousness.

I spent some time checking out the vendors, which were all wonderful and unique in their own way. Some of my favorites were BlissfulCASE (pale pink glitter for your cell phone, anyone?), Milly & Earl (nautical-themed and other gorgeously designed jewelry), Strumpet (sassy retro-style apparel) and more.


There was one vendor that had cool books that were transformed into clocks.


Besides all the food and shopping, there was an area for live performances. Several different bands performed throughout the evening, adding an awesome element to the whole experience. Also, there’s a section for mini golf, complete with neon lights, disco balls, a huge cut out of Glinda the Good Witch, a zebra, and more!  There’s even table tennis!


The Brooklyn Night Bazaar is something new, creative, full of life with trendy vendors, art, food, music and more! It’s great to go with a group of friends or just your bestie and can be an adventure that doesn’t break the bank, as it is easy to share the small bites, mini golf is only $5 and you’re able to choose how much you spend.  Well worth the trip!



Brooklyn Night Bazaar
165 Banker St
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Night Bazaar

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