Studio Photo Shoot


I recently had a studio photo shoot with photographer Ahmad Amin. I came with four fashionable, yet fundamentally different outfits. The first was a long hot pink gown to be worn during a more formal affair.  I picked it up while I was in New Delhi, India. It’s a gorgeous filmy fuchsia color with dark blue brocading (with gold detailing) in an intricate swirly design down the front and bottom trim. It was fun to twirl and swirl around in this beautiful dress that made me feel like an Indian princess. With it, I wore this with high heel black boots with sparkles.


The next outfit was a more festive out on the town look: Forever 21 black skirt with shiny gold design, ruffly black top, paired with lacy cream white high heels with a large glittering brooch that I bought in Shanghai.

Below, is a close up view of the outfit.

The third outfit was a flirty fresh and light little number: Another Forever 21 skirt of sea foam green in eyelit lace with satiny underlay with a long sleeve white top that has a sort of older vintage style to it.

The last outfit is a striped cowl-neck sweater dress with alternating stripes of dark blue and light blue. This is a great casual, fun look for winter!


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