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Gorgeous Party Dresses

I know it seems a long way off, but before you know it, spring will be approaching, so party season will be in full swing. Now is the time to prepare beautiful dresses so that you’re ready to attend your happy parties. But what to wear? There’s no need to worry about this anymore… I will introduce you a professional online store that can solve your entire party dress problem!

The site is This shop specializes in various dresses for all types of formal occasions, such as prom, evening, office, ball, wedding and much more. Women of all sizes can find a fabulous dress! It doesn’t matter whether you are an hourglass, pearl shape, or round shape; each body shape has a large number of options here. You can also customize dresses to fit your shape. You will no longer have to worry about finding  a dress that fits your body perfectly.

Now, let me show you some dresses I really enjoy…

Dress 1 Sweetheart Asymmetrical Tulle Sheath/Column Prom Dresses
This dress is famous for its front and rear asymmetrical hemline. I also like the rhinestone embellishment. And the tulle material will make you like a fairy.

Dress 2 Strapless Trumpet/Mermaid Sleeveless Chiffon Floor-length Prom Dresses
A long dress is the classic party dresses. For this style, no matter what color you choose, it will look amazing on your body. Pair this with a shining necklace and all eyes will be on you.

Dress 3
A-line Strapless Ruffles Sleeveless Knee-length Chiffon Dress
This green dress is fresh, sweet and flirty. It’s perfect for spring and if you like something more colorful.

Dress 4
Sheath/Column Elastic Woven Satin Strapless Floor-length Lace White Evening Dress
Last but not least, I strongly recommend this dress. Black and white colors are the eternal classic fashion colors. And the detail of black lace makes this dress even more classy and elegant.

You want to see more, right? Then come to this shop to have a look around. Dress up your curves and find a style that you love! May you have a great shopping time!


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Photo Shoot at Flushing Meadows Park


I have been neglecting my modeling for the past couple months, but had a recent Autumn shoot at Flushing Meadows Park with photographer Ahmed Amin. The day was slightly sunny, blustery but certainly not as cold as it has gotten, of course. And the park was absolutely beautiful. Breathtaking even. It’s ironic that I live in Flushing and have not properly visited this park before. I will have to explore it more at a later date: Spring, when it’s warmer.

Flushing Meadows Park is home to the Unisphere, which is an incredible display and humongous. When I first arrived to the park and saw it in person, I gazed up in it in awe. It rendered me speechless and it took me a moment to catch my breath. There’s a very replica at Columbus Circle, which in no way, shape or form compares to the the masterpiece of steel and construction in Flushing Meadows Park.


After composing myself, I met up with the photographer and I changed into my first outfit, which was a sweet pale pink lace dress by Xhilaration. The dress was paired with smart high heel black boots (Merona) with gold belt buckle detail on the side. I tried it first with the Levi’s leather jacket that I had brought with me and found that it didn’t work, so proceeded to shoot for the next hour in just the dress. Even though it was cold and getting chillier, I was in the zone and didn’t really feel it.

We started near the Unisphere, where I spotted a cute gazebo which I ran to, posing against and around the structure. I believe this shot shows off the dress and shoes really well.


We then got some shots with the Unisphere in the background. I had fun with it, posing in different ways, shapes, forms; flipping the hair; giving happy, fun, sweet, sassy expressions and looks. I like the flirty pose of this shot and the way the photographer has captured the cut and sway of the dress.


There is usually a fountain running along with the Unisphere, but the day we were shooting the parks apparently decided to turn it off. Despite the disappointment of not experiencing the Unisphere in all its glory, it worked in our favor, because I had the opportunity to climb across the fountain area and then up under the Unisphere! It was exhilarating to be so high up, which definitely shows in my expression.


At this point, the sun was starting to go down and it was starting to get darker so I changed into a more suitable outfit. Grey skinny pants with black zebra stripes by Jolt, the Levi’s leather jacket, and a Cable & Gauge jewel turquoise colored turtleneck. The photographer snapped a quick shot of me in this get up in front of the Queens Theater.

FlushingMeadowsMeWe took some shots of me sitting on the bench, in front of a tree lined area then picked a spot full of leaves where I sat and had some fun throwing leaves up in the air for an Autumn-themed shot.

IMG_9420-EditThen we did some shots of me in a tree and closer up ones hanging onto trees/branches. I personally love how this shot is dark all around, but lit up where it counts- My face and my hair, showing off the red color.


Overall, quite a successful outdoor shoot! Stay tuned for more images from last week’s studio shoot of very varying looks…

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Brooklyn Night Bazaar


It’s not often that I venture into Brooklyn, but when I heard about the Brooklyn Night Bazaar “A night market and concert space that brings together independent vendors, musicians, chefs and artists,” I knew I had to experience it for myself. The Bazaar is located in a warehouse in Greenpoint, open on Friday and Saturday nights from 6pm to midnight. Admission is free, but it’s a good idea to get there a little early because there will be a line and they stagger entry. There was still quite a decent sized line when I left around 9pm.


Upon entering the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, you’re hit with an array of lights, color, hip and cool clothes, jewelry and other merchandise. We headed in toward the back where we were met with a barrage of food vendors, such as The Morris Truck (grilled cheese), The Lobster Joint, Oaxaca Taqueria, and Arancini Bros (rice balls). The first thing I had to try was the only $5 lobster slider from The Lobster Joint and it was delicious. I’m usually not a huge fan of lobster rolls because I dislike cold lobster, but this slider was not super chilled. The lobster was fresh and tasted full of flavor, with the perfect amount of mayo and accompanying coleslaw.


I also had to get myself a bubble tea drink from Tea n’ Milk. I chose the iced Chai House Special with tapioca pearls. The tea was brewed fresh and tasted wonderful. I enjoyed it with the thick, sweet condensed milk and the sprinkling of cinnamon.


Then I got to try some mac and cheese with truffle that was pan fried and then breaded & fried on top of that! This was a heaping dish of pure yummyness, along with the sauce they added to it. It was perfectly crispy, juicy, cheesy and completely fattening and indulgent.


I couldn’t resist trying the lamb bun after seeing the lamb roasting slowly in front of my eyes. It came with sweet dark brown sauce, pomegranate seeds, parsley. It unfortunately did not taste as wonderfully as I had expected and ended up liking the pork bun quite a bit more.


I was able to taste a few other items: Thin crust sausage pizza (tasty), risotto rice ball (decent), truffle grilled cheese sandwich (divine), and much later, some ice cream. I chose two flavors: Vanilla caramel and tres leches. Both turned out to be delightful, smooth, sweet, rich and complimented one another. The tres leches even had pieces of tres leches cake swirled in, which took it to the next level of deliciousness.

I spent some time checking out the vendors, which were all wonderful and unique in their own way. Some of my favorites were BlissfulCASE (pale pink glitter for your cell phone, anyone?), Milly & Earl (nautical-themed and other gorgeously designed jewelry), Strumpet (sassy retro-style apparel) and more.


There was one vendor that had cool books that were transformed into clocks.


Besides all the food and shopping, there was an area for live performances. Several different bands performed throughout the evening, adding an awesome element to the whole experience. Also, there’s a section for mini golf, complete with neon lights, disco balls, a huge cut out of Glinda the Good Witch, a zebra, and more!  There’s even table tennis!


The Brooklyn Night Bazaar is something new, creative, full of life with trendy vendors, art, food, music and more! It’s great to go with a group of friends or just your bestie and can be an adventure that doesn’t break the bank, as it is easy to share the small bites, mini golf is only $5 and you’re able to choose how much you spend.  Well worth the trip!



Brooklyn Night Bazaar
165 Banker St
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Night Bazaar

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New York Fashion Week Recap


This past New York Fashion Week, I had the chance to model for CHRISHABANA fashion jewelry line, Spring/Summer 2014 Collection — “TecTonic.” Each of us models had to hold a strong stance on a raised platform for the entirety of the event, displaying the jewelry beautifully to all the guests and look good for the countless photos taken. Half the models were painted in silver and the other half, including me were painted in rose gold glitter on our arms, legs, combed through slicked back hair and forehead, with rouge on our cheeks. It was a chic futuristic alien-esque look and my particular look consisted of a silver arrow-like jewelry piece glued between my eyebrows, sparkling silver earrings and a gorgeous glittering silver and pale purple necklace that the crowd ooh’d and aww’d over, proclaiming it the favorite piece of the night.


This TecTonic CHRISHABANA jewelry collection “drew inspiration from linear seismic readings, geomorphic shifting plates and joy’s division’s unknown pleasures album, presenting a sophisticated jewelry collection evoking primitive futurism.”

Some highlights from my favorite New York Fashion Week shows:


The Theme: Sparkling, feminine gorgeousness bordering on princess-like


Full of bohemian embellishments: lace butterflies, hand-painted flower appliques and dip-dyed feather plumes; shimmering embroidered lace; sensual silk; colorful floral embroidery; cascading trains…

Alice + Olivia

The Theme: “Prep meets pretty.”

Alice + Olivia By Stacey Bendet - Arrivals - Fall 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Neutral palette; playing with proportion; mix of flirty minis worn with button downs; sweaters and shrunken jackets; full ball gown skirts paired with casual crop tops; tailored blazers and skinny pleated trousers; feminine lace shorts and crystal-encrusted bustier…

Phillip Lim

The Theme: “Pairing down to the basics,” “Modern career girl”

phillip lim

Color palette of pearly whites, deep blues and earthly tans; geometric, abstract prints on knee-length skirts; breezy blouses with sheer panels; kimono-style moto jackets…

Donna Karan

The Theme: “Travels & Worldviews”


Earth tone paired with solid color palette, dresses and sarong skirts, airy shirts, luxurious outerwear…

J. Crew

The Theme: Bright & fun preppy chic style.


Rainbow color palette and prints; neon-bright sportswear; tailored classics…

J. Mendel

The Theme: “Gamine chic” — Just short of girly


Range of pastels; sweet, upbeat leggy dresses and shorts; feminine prints…

Ralph Lauren

The Theme: The Mod ’60s with a British sense of cool


Monochromatic color palette of a range of fluorescents; A-line double-face knit dresses; graphic separates; slick trouser suits…

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Shops & Eats in New Delhi, India


I had the amazing opportunity to travel to New Delhi, India for the past few days. It was generally quite rainy, somewhat dirty, overrun with dogs, but also lively and wonderful in its own way. While I didn’t get a chance to truly explore the area, I was able to get a taste of India at least. We ate at some lovely restaurants: Alfa Spice, A2B Vegetarian, a Vegetarian Gourmet spot at Karol Bagh, Asia’s largest open market shopping area.














I did quite a bit of shopping at Karol Bagh and the exchange rate was magnificently in my favor. I bought a gorgeous hot pink Indian-style dress. $35.


A pair of sharp high heel black boots, with grey and brown detailing on the side. $20.


Beautiful, elegant, classy silver bracelets at half off. $5


Some wonderfully pretty Indian Rakhi good luck charm/bracelets. $2 (Yes, for all 8)


I found some awesome makeup: Shimmery glitter eyeshadow in all colors (purple, pink, gold, white, blue, etc), lip gloss palette of pinks, reds, browns; a magical clear lip balm that turns bright pink after brushing over lips; nail polishes: Clear glitter with hearts, greenish teal blue, hot pink with glitter. $10.


I also picked up some traditional Indian snacks: Chips, dried sweet + sour mango, powder mix to make lassi drink, mouth freshener… $15.

Later, at the gloriously spacious and beautiful Indira Gandhi International Airport, with statues of elephants, deities; Taj Mahal structure; gorgeous shops, especially Delhi Duty Free which had incredible deals. I purchased a bunch of Luxurious Ayurveda brand items of gorgeously scented butter soaps: Rose & Cardamom, Bengal Tuberose, Neem Basil Honey, Lime Ginger; Essentials for Her set of Delicate Facial Cleanser (Mashobra Honey, Lemon & Rosewater), Sunscreen Lotion (Aloe Vera & Sandalwood), Facial Scrub (Walnut Gel), potted Lip Balm (Sweet Narangi Juice– A delicious, delicate orange scent); Tranquil Sleep spray.


I also bought a variety of food items: Special Indian chocolates, with the following flavors… Whole almonds, raisins & buttery cashew, Indian coffee, fresh cardamom, cinnamon and chai masala. As well as Besan Caddu, a popular ball shaped South Asian sweet. I even picked up Chicken Tikka Masala and Chicken Korma sauces, as well as instant ready to eat “Moong Dal Halwa” (North Indian dessert of lentils cooked in clarified butter and sugar).


Of course I also picked out a variety of lovely souvenirs: Glitter adorned pens and mini notebooks, silvery colorful magnets with photos of Taj Mahal and India landmarks on them, sticks with cute little dolls on top and the word INDIA painted on.


I had such a great experience and time in India and look forward to going back so I can actually explore and do the sight seeing I yearn for, particularly to visit the Taj Mahal.



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Weekend with Friends in NJ

My mother actually came to visit from California for Mother’s Day and we headed to Lawrenceville, NJ to visit with some dear friends that we haven’t seen for quite some time. We stayed at my childhood friends’ parents’ house, which brought back some wonderful memories.

FRIDAY, May 10

We had some tea and homemade pastries, then walked around the backyard garden which was filled with pink, red, white, purple azaleas and a dozen other beautiful plants and flowers. It was truly an idyllic scene, especially with the sunlight streaming in.

After touring the outer loveliness of the house, we went back in for raw vegetable appetizers, then shared a meal of pasta, pork, and salad.

We headed to downtown Princeton next and enjoyed some ice cream from Thomas’ Sweets. I had maple walnut and peanut butter fudge flavors in a sugar cone, and the ice cream tasted divine. The maple walnut was sweet but in subtle way and the peanut butter fudge was rich, creamy, delicious. The flavors blended well together.


We then strolled around Princeton University for a bit, checking out the Museum, library, chapel, different halls, and enjoying the beauty of the prestigious ivy league campus.


My mom and I headed to another friends’ home for lunch. It was lovely to see them and catch up after so many years. We had quiche, salad, grapes and yummy cookies.

Back at our other friends’ place, my childhood friend had come for the day and brought her two adorable children that I got to meet for the first time. Stella (3 years old) was shy at first, but so pretty, talkative and smart! And I loved holding little Lukas (7 months), who has such a pleasant sweet disposition and the cutest little features!


 When the kids went down for a nap, my friend took my mom and me to downtown Princeton where we shopped at Talbots (had $160 gift card from “Katie Couric Show”), as part of my mom’s Mother’s Day gift. She ended up picking a pale pink sweater button down and I picked out a hot pink sweater button down. I tried on a hot pink dress that I did enjoy but the $100+ price tag deterred me from getting it because I wanted my mom to have the rest of the money on the gift card.


We also got free samples at Origins (Zero Oil Cleanser & Modern Friction Scrub) and award-winning mini cupcakes from House of Cupcakes- They won the Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars!” They were absolutely little bites of heaven… Perfectly moist and sweet.


We went back to the house after that and hung out outside while we grilled some chicken and sausage, which made for a very tasty dinner.


SUNDAY, May 12
It was beautiful out today, so we could finally go to the gardens. I got to ride on the back of a Harley on the way there, which was a ton of fun. We then walked through the fair that was near the gardens. I found a gorgeous silver necklace that spelled out LOVE in cursive with a glittering heart dangling from the words. I also got some kettle corn to share with everyone. Of course it was delicious and oh so very addicting!


The gardens were lovely as we walked along paths, bodies of water, bridges, and came across flowers, trees, plants, greenery.




After the trip to the gardens we headed out to a place across the Delaware River, called Dilly’s Corner that has burgers, french fries, soft serve ice cream. There was a long line when we got there and the food was mediocre. Though the curly fries were quite delicious. I just wish I could’ve tried a shake or some of that soft serve ice cream.

All in all, a wonderful time spent with great friends. The only downside was that the weekend went by way too quickly!

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FIT Museum: Shoe Obsession

FIT shoe-obsession0

I thoroughly enjoyed the FIT Museum’s Shoe Obsession Exhibit the other week. How could I not? What woman doesn’t have an obsession with shoes? Also, Shoe is my namesake (My last name is pronounced “Shoe”).

Shoe Obsession features over 150 examples of the most extraordinary shoe styles of the twenty-first century, highlighting the new concepts, constructions, materials, and types of embellishment that have positioned shoes at the height of fashion.” The exhibit showcased many big-name brands, such as Manolo Blahnik, Christian Dior (ladylike, delicate, feminine), Alexander McQueen (imaginative, extreme), Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino, Tom Ford (revitalized the sexy seductive stiletto heel), Chanel (classic), Versace (sexy, bold) and Prada (effortlessly cool).

The below hot pink, blue + yellow heels, as well as the sparkly gold/colorful heel were two of my favorites from the exhibit.

FIT shoe-obsession

Some of my other favorites were shoes was a gorgeous red number by Tom Ford– Unusually shaped heels with velvet red straps that tie in a bow in the back.

FIT shoe-obsession2

Alberto Guardiani’s “Flutterby,” a chic, stylish perfect-for-spring shoe with a classic suede pump, with a bit of surprise whimsy — a black and white butterfly for a heel. And these Alberto Guardiani heels apparently comes in different hues: Turquoise, blue, and pink! I am smitten…

FIT shoe-obsession3

Another shoe that caught my eye: Manolo Blahnik’s classically ladylike satin pump in cobalt blue, with a crystal encrusted square sparkle on the pointed toe.

FIT shoe-obsession4

Roger Vivier was another designer that I enjoyed quite a bit: Rose n’ Roll, Nouvelle Vague, Feather Rose, Eyelash Heel. One of my favorites was a pretty, girly light pale pink number (with hot pink interior) with a sweet curvy cut and little brown flowers with yellow, turqouise, white centers + little confetti shaped multi-colored square/rectangles all around.

FIT shoe-obsession6Another Roger Vivier that I liked was Nouvelle Vague, from the Rendez-Vous limited-edition collection is a nude pump with seductive lines and a single rose made of feathers by Lemarié.

FIT shoe-obsession7

Now for another Roger Vivier, something with a little wilder aesthetic, with a beautiful cut and peacock-esque showiness at the back of the heel. Design named Eyelash Heel.

FIT shoe-obsession5

There was even a Cinderella-style glass shoe on display…

FIT shoe-obsession8

Of the shoes selected for the exhibit, Valerie Steele, Director and Chief Curator of The Museum at FIT says, “Nothing ordinary. Everything extraordinary. Some of them are works of art which you couldn’t hardly imagine wearing, but others are works of art that you really would imagine wearing to all sorts of important occasions in your life.” I couldn’t agree more… If you’re a lover of shoes, beauty & style make sure to check out this FIT Museum exhibit before April 13th to experience these artistic wonders firsthand!



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