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Brooklyn Night Bazaar


It’s not often that I venture into Brooklyn, but when I heard about the Brooklyn Night Bazaar “A night market and concert space that brings together independent vendors, musicians, chefs and artists,” I knew I had to experience it for myself. The Bazaar is located in a warehouse in Greenpoint, open on Friday and Saturday nights from 6pm to midnight. Admission is free, but it’s a good idea to get there a little early because there will be a line and they stagger entry. There was still quite a decent sized line when I left around 9pm.


Upon entering the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, you’re hit with an array of lights, color, hip and cool clothes, jewelry and other merchandise. We headed in toward the back where we were met with a barrage of food vendors, such as The Morris Truck (grilled cheese), The Lobster Joint, Oaxaca Taqueria, and Arancini Bros (rice balls). The first thing I had to try was the only $5 lobster slider from The Lobster Joint and it was delicious. I’m usually not a huge fan of lobster rolls because I dislike cold lobster, but this slider was not super chilled. The lobster was fresh and tasted full of flavor, with the perfect amount of mayo and accompanying coleslaw.


I also had to get myself a bubble tea drink from Tea n’ Milk. I chose the iced Chai House Special with tapioca pearls. The tea was brewed fresh and tasted wonderful. I enjoyed it with the thick, sweet condensed milk and the sprinkling of cinnamon.


Then I got to try some mac and cheese with truffle that was pan fried and then breaded & fried on top of that! This was a heaping dish of pure yummyness, along with the sauce they added to it. It was perfectly crispy, juicy, cheesy and completely fattening and indulgent.


I couldn’t resist trying the lamb bun after seeing the lamb roasting slowly in front of my eyes. It came with sweet dark brown sauce, pomegranate seeds, parsley. It unfortunately did not taste as wonderfully as I had expected and ended up liking the pork bun quite a bit more.


I was able to taste a few other items: Thin crust sausage pizza (tasty), risotto rice ball (decent), truffle grilled cheese sandwich (divine), and much later, some ice cream. I chose two flavors: Vanilla caramel and tres leches. Both turned out to be delightful, smooth, sweet, rich and complimented one another. The tres leches even had pieces of tres leches cake swirled in, which took it to the next level of deliciousness.

I spent some time checking out the vendors, which were all wonderful and unique in their own way. Some of my favorites were BlissfulCASE (pale pink glitter for your cell phone, anyone?), Milly & Earl (nautical-themed and other gorgeously designed jewelry), Strumpet (sassy retro-style apparel) and more.


There was one vendor that had cool books that were transformed into clocks.


Besides all the food and shopping, there was an area for live performances. Several different bands performed throughout the evening, adding an awesome element to the whole experience. Also, there’s a section for mini golf, complete with neon lights, disco balls, a huge cut out of Glinda the Good Witch, a zebra, and more!  There’s even table tennis!


The Brooklyn Night Bazaar is something new, creative, full of life with trendy vendors, art, food, music and more! It’s great to go with a group of friends or just your bestie and can be an adventure that doesn’t break the bank, as it is easy to share the small bites, mini golf is only $5 and you’re able to choose how much you spend.  Well worth the trip!



Brooklyn Night Bazaar
165 Banker St
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Night Bazaar

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Day at Randall’s Island

For Memorial Day, I spent the day with a bunch of friends at Randall’s Island, which is situated in the East River in New York City, part of the borough of Manhattan. It was a perfect day (albeit, a bit on the warm side) to spend outside, just chilling, enjoying each others’ company and exploring.

We started off checking out the mini golf area, which was beautiful… Complete with colorful flowers, trees which made for plenty of shade and dappled sunlight, body of water with a lone duck, rock wall formations and two lovely waterfalls.


Then, we decided we were hungry so we sat at the outdoor dining spot of The Beer Garden & Cafe at Randall’s Island. It was a cute little spot, right in the center of everything (mini golf, batting cages, etc) and there was live classic rock music playing, which really was a great addition to the balmy  sunny day.

My friend and I decided to share the tilapia taco with mango salsa and purple coleslaw. They were mediocre… The taste of the tilapia was weak and unseasoned. I would’ve liked more tilapia. Also, the flavors didn’t mesh well together.

The french fries, however, were delicious. Waffle cut, crispy, golden, salted and wonderful.


Afterwards, we went to the batting cages and checked out the upper deck of the driving range area. There was a pretty view of a large green field and part of the city.


Next we wanted to explore the other side of the island and walk along the weather. We found an opening along the fence, so we walked over it and  got to this glorious green grassy area with the glistening water ahead and a breathtaking view of the Manhattan side.

I just had to get in the water and it felt sooo refreshing and cool. I could have stayed all day!



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Beautiful Sunday


Sunday dawned bright and beautiful, a perfect day for a midday picnic in Central Park.

But first I headed to the UES to visit my friend who works for Mary Kay, as she promised me some complimentary samples. What I didn’t expect was how much she was giving away – a whole bag filled with Mary Kay cosmetics  of different colors of eye makeup/blush and lip sets; perfumes; Timewise moisturizer, eye cream and microdermabrasion, Velocity facial cleanser; large eyeshadow colors set; lip liners, mascara, lipstick/gloss holder.

mary kay

I also bought  Mary Kay Nourishine lip gloss set (shimmery bold colors) & Timewise 3 in 1 cleanser for under $30.

After that I made my way to Sheep’s Meadow Central Park for some fun, sun, relaxing and food! We had a lovely spread of artisan sandwiches; refreshing salads: peach & tomato, etc;  strawberries (with Nutella!); more fruit; chips; veggie dumplings; cookies; chicken…

centralpark picnic

I left the picnic to head to Pier 25 for mini golf, which I have never played before. I also hadn’t really been down to Pier 25 but it’s a really nice area, truly beautiful.

Mini golf was pretty fun.  I think I did pretty well. I got one hole in one and didn’t get the ball stuck in the water trap. My favorite hole was one housed inside a cave with water fountain flowing from the other side.  I liked the natural, half mountainous and half maritime theme of the mini golf range.


Mini golf at Pier 25: 225 West St. in Tribeca

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