Niagara Falls Weekend

This past weekend, I went with some friends to Niagara Falls on the Canada side. We stayed at my friend’s home Upstate  in the country for the trip, which was nice and comfortable-  A nice place to relax during our downtime.

While Upstate, we explored the town and woods, did some shopping, went out to eat, had ice cream, spotted a variety of animals, from deer (even baby deer) to horses. We even did a scary movie night one dark evening, enjoyed with with cheese and crackers.

Of course the highlight of the trip was visiting Niagara Falls on the Canada side for my first time ever! It was awe-inspiring, spectacular, gorgeous and incredible. We got sprayed by the mist as we walked along side it and then made our way to the Skylon Restaurant…

We went to the top of the Skylon Restaurant, which is revolving, and got to see some amazing views of Niagara Falls (pictured below) and Ontario from all sides. It felt so exciting to be on the top floor, and truly enjoyed the experience of being in such a nice restaurant with that breathtaking view.

I had the special, baby back ribs with sweet potato fries. The ribs were succulent, tender, perfectly seasoned with lots of yummy sauce. And the sweet potato fries were also tasty, sweet and crisped just the right amount.

After the meal, we went up a couple more flights to the Observation Deck where we got some more beautiful views of Niagara Falls. Then we purchased the group picture of us, and got to pick one of the lovely Niagara Falls background- I went for the night view of the Falls.

Next was the Maid of the Mist boat tour (pictured below). It was torture having to wait for the next boat in that hot sticky humid weather, but we finally were able to get on and rushed to the upper deck. It was standing room only, and as we got up there and felt that  cool breeze, we felt better. Soon we were on our way and loved feeling the wind and water. The boat went right into the middle of the Falls, which was just wonderful, getting to see the waterfall up close (we even spotted a rainbow!) and being sprayed by the refreshing water mist.

When we were done with the boat ride, we continued to walk along the Falls, enjoyed the view from a park and slowly made our way back to the car. It was such an exciting and fun day!

We had a day to relax from our trip, then took Monday to drive back to NYC. Along the way, we stopped at Cracker Barrel Country Store- A restaurant, as well as a shop with tons of old time novelty candy, bath & body products, DVD’s and other fun treats.

For lunch, I had the fried cat fish, which came with warm homemade corn bread, as well as 3 sides: Whole kernel corn, mac & cheese and hash brown casserole. As well as hush puppies, which were delicious. Everything was so good- and you could tell it was all homemade, and filled with lots of fresh flavor and butter.

After eating, I did some candy shopping in the Old Country Store and picked up caramel apple sugar babies, Mary Janes, old fashioned sour cherry, Now & Laters, Moon Pies.  Can’t wait to enjoy them!

I had an amazing time this past weekend, and finally got to see and experience Niagara Falls in all its glory!

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