River Tubing Day

This past weekend I took a trip to Pennsylvania for River Tubing (my first time) in the Delaware River. I got to river tube with the two very good looking guides. It was a fun day of telling stories, laughing it up, singing pop songs, and relaxing in the cool water, under the warm sun. The river itself was quite lazy, but there were patches of more rapid areas which felt nice to go down.

Though I got stuck in the rapids at one point, when my inner tube disconnected from the guides and couldn’t paddle back to them so I stood up and walked back toward them. On the way, I hit my knee on a rock but it didn’t actually hurt much.

After 3 hours of river tubing we headed back on the bus and were taken into Doylestown, PA for pub party and BBQ buffet. The bar was hoppin’ with loud club music and the food was quite good: BBQ chicken, pulled pork, pasta salad, potato salad, corn bread.

When finished with the meal, I went with a couple new friends to explore the little town for a bit. We stopped at an old-fashioned ice cream shop for dessert. I got dulce de leche and expresso chip on a small waffle cone. It was a dripping mess but a delectable and delicious sweet mess.

We also happened upon a really cute shopping market and enjoyed Olive Oil Etcetera, which had a variety of olive oils, pasta, bath & body products and much more. I picked up Extra Virgin Olive Oil luxury soap in Lemongrass-Rasemary scent, which smells soo good and feels perfectly soft.

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