Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse & Newsadoozies

This past week my friend and I went to Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse for Summer Restaurant Week, which just started July 16. Michael Jordan’s is nestled in Grand Central and a nice little spot. They had a tantalizing RW menu, and we even tried one of the appetizers: the garlic bread gorgonzola fondue, which was as rich and     tempting as it sounds. The gorgonzola could’ve been thicker and warmer though.

As my appetizer, I chose the heart of palm salad with goat cheese. The vegetable was fresh and delicious, not too hard and not too soft. And it was a hearty portion. The main course was Filet Mignon in a gorgonzola sauce, along with truffle mashed potatoes. I also got to try my friend’s side order of asparagus. All of this was completely wonderful. The Filet Mignon was seasoned and full of great flavor, as well as crisped just the way it should be. The asparagus were bright green, crunchy, fresh and the mashed potato perfectly whipped.

The dessert was “Fat Boy” chocolate cake, hopefully not actually a descriptive for the person who ate it… This was a multi-layered chocolate cake with chocolate creme in between the layers and a darker chocolate topping, which was my favorite part. It was delectable, without being too sweet.

After eating my friend and I hopped in a cab to see Newsadoozies, a short comedic musical that our mutual acquaintance  co-wrote and plays the piano for! It was quite exciting and being shown at Upright Citizen’s Brigade, which is a little theater that shows lots of independent-type performances.

We sat in the front seat, center and it was thoroughly enjoyable. It’s a spoof on Broadway show, “Newsies” and “chronicles the news boys of New York City in their adventures of selling newspapers, finding love, and getting eaten by the members of an ancient evil cannibalistic sex cult.” The story was hilarious, unique, modern and a pleasure to watch. The songs and dance moves were creative, fun and well done. Plus, the Newsboys were all British, which made them undeniably more sexy and irresistible. I liked Cripply, a handsome Newsboy on crutches, with intense blue eyes and a sweet heart. There was also Smacky, cute and boyish with long hair, but also a drug addicted schizophrenic.

In the middle of all the crazy antics of the cult, newsboys, & energetic dance moves, there’s a bit of a love story between Cripply and a pretty but idiotic daughter. It’s a bit of innocence in the midst of the very adult themes. All in all, a great show!

I had a really enjoyable night out on the town!

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