Carnegie Splendor

I had the pleasure of attending a Charity Concert for the Japan Earthquake at Carnegie Hall. It was my first time at this grand venue and it did not disappoint. Magnificent balcony seats high up, red parquet area, high ceilings, bright lights in a beautiful space. Being in Carnegie Hall made me feel a certain awe, with the weight of centuries of amazing performances.

The concert started off with Chorus La Preghiera and they sang some familiar songs such as “Amazing Grace,” “Beautiful Dreamer” and West Side Story Overture. It was all lovely and rich voices that tripped together and over each other. After that was the Manhattan Symphonie Orchestra with a very moving piece, Memorial Processional that was dedicated to the Japanese victims of the earthquake. They also enchanted us with selected Japanese folk songs which was quite enjoyable.

The last part of the concert was Mozart’s Requiem, K. 626 which featured the USA-Japan Goodwill Memorial Choir, the Manhattan Symphonie Orchestra and 3 soloists (soprano, bass). This was incredible and flowed beautifully. It was quite exciting to hear this iconic piece performed in such an iconic building by esteemed artists. My favorite parts were when the soloists came in – their voices were just melodious and clear, full of vigor. All of it was truly a dazzling musical display.

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