The View in Review

One of the best kept secrets in Manhattan- The View – located on the top floor (48th) floor of the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. It is the only revolving restaurant (and yes, you can feel it move… slowly) in the city. And it’s truly beautiful, high end and well laid out. The view, of course, is spectacular and even better as it gets darker and you can see the sparkling lights and colors of Midtown.

The first time I came on a date with a European businessman and I’m forever grateful that he introduced me to this spot. I tried the Baked Apple drink (non-alcoholic) and it was truly delicious. It did, in fact, taste like baked apple pie. We also partook in the buffet dinner and dessert – Pastas, meat, salads, rice dishes, cheese, chocolate fountain, fruit tarts, mini cakes – and everything tasted divine.

This time, I came with 2 girlfriends for Restaurant Week. All of us ordered different appetizers. I tasted the Yukon gold potato and leek soup with chive creme fraiche and it had a good flavor- the potato and leek were mashed which was different from the expected. However, I thought mine was by far the best. I had chosen Gnocchi with pancetta, baby spinach, butternut squash, parmesan and chive butter. It was cooked to perfection, hearty, and savory.

For our main course, we all ordered the grilled skirt steak. It was delectable –  well made, crisped just right and the mashed potatoes with baby carrot and green bean were great complements. The steak dish also came with herb butter which added to the flavor.

As for the dessert, this is where the View lost points for me. The chocolate red velvet bar, while in theory sounds amazing, was more of a cake-like consistency and a bit dry. I wasn’t able to discern a red velvet flavor, and the citrusy accents on the side didn’t really go with the chocolate. The best of part of the dessert was the Cafe Brulot ice cream which tasted faintly of brandy, coffee, clove and all spice.

All in all, a lovely experience with decent service, strong delightful flavors and an amazing View of Midtown Manhattan in a romantic and light atmosphere.

Address: 1535 Broadway at 46th St.


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2 responses to “The View in Review

  1. Slly

    Fabulous new blog. LOVE IT !!!

  2. Evan

    The Space Needle has a restaurant that does this too. I ate there too when I was on vacation a few years back. Took pictures while it was touring like the tourist that I was.

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