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Dinner & Cannery Row

My family and I went to a friend’s place for a delightful and delicious dinner the other night. We started off with some appetizers of pork spring rolls with lettuce and a sweet/sour sauce that accompanied the spring rolls perfectly. We also had shrimp chips and a wonderful fruit drink that was made fresh that day, thanks to their juicer


The main course was noodles with beef with cabbage and spinach in a slightly spiced soup. The beef was incredibly tender and full of robust flavor. The vegetables were fresh and crunchy.


For dessert we had mashed sweet peas with a dollop of whipped cream. It was a unique dish but I really enjoyed it. The consistency was soft and the whipped cream gave the sweet peas an added layer of yumminess.

dinner3 (2)

After our dinner, we all took a walk along Cannery Row, which was beautifully lit up and quite a few stores still open. We stopped into Ghiradelli and other chocolate/caramel apple shops.


We also passed the Cannery Row Christmas Tree,  which was tall with blue, green, yellow lights and a brightly lit blue star on top.



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Restaurant Week at Indochine

Indochine is a French-Vietnamese fusion restaurant nestled in the downtown NYU area, near Astor Place. While its exterior is quite simple, almost hidden, the interior is lovely, utilizing exotic-meets-tropical design elements such as Japanese box lights, palm trees painted onto the walls and a sleek tiled floor. It is dark, lit with candles and quite romantic.

The Restaurant Week menu was seriously appetizing, with plenty of choices for appetizers, a main dish, side and dessert. It was tough for me to choose which appetizer, but finally picked fried spring roll for myself. The spring rolls came with chicken, vegetables and glass vermicelli, with plenty of lettuce, carrots and pickled vegetable on the side. Spring rolls were very tasty, fried to perfection and full of flavor. I also got to try the steamed Vietnamese ravioli (looked more like a Vietnamese summer roll with the see-through wrap) which had chicken, shrimp, bean sprouts,  shiitake mushrooms, ricotta cheese which gave it an interesting flavor, but was still quite good.

As for the main dish, I choose the marinated hunger steak with daikon and taro shoestring fries, along with a side of sticky rice. I always get my steak well done, and will defy anyone who has a problem with that! The steak came already cut in bite-sized pieces, neatly atop the poached daikon with the taro fries sprinkled on top. The steak was delicious, little bursts of juicy tender flavor and the fries were crispy delights. The daikon underneath was fresh and light.

As for the side dish, I’ve always been a fan of sticky rice and this one was filled with yummy extras: Dried baby shrimp, shiitakes, and Vietnamese sausage. I would’ve enjoyed a little more sausage, but overall quite good.

There were only 2 choices for dessert, and none of them were chocolate so I wasn’t as excited about this course. I picked lemon tart, over  the pineapple and raspberry sorbet. It was decent, very lemony and tart with a side of what looked like creme fraiche.

It was a lovely meal, filled with fun conversation and much laughter.

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