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Dinner & Cannery Row

My family and I went to a friend’s place for a delightful and delicious dinner the other night. We started off with some appetizers of pork spring rolls with lettuce and a sweet/sour sauce that accompanied the spring rolls perfectly. We also had shrimp chips and a wonderful fruit drink that was made fresh that day, thanks to their juicer


The main course was noodles with beef with cabbage and spinach in a slightly spiced soup. The beef was incredibly tender and full of robust flavor. The vegetables were fresh and crunchy.


For dessert we had mashed sweet peas with a dollop of whipped cream. It was a unique dish but I really enjoyed it. The consistency was soft and the whipped cream gave the sweet peas an added layer of yumminess.

dinner3 (2)

After our dinner, we all took a walk along Cannery Row, which was beautifully lit up and quite a few stores still open. We stopped into Ghiradelli and other chocolate/caramel apple shops.


We also passed the Cannery Row Christmas Tree,  which was tall with blue, green, yellow lights and a brightly lit blue star on top.



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