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Dinner at Burger & Lobster

I had the pleasure of dining at a lovely new restaurant in the Flatiron District, called Burger & Lobster. The concept is so simple that they don’t even need a menu. There are three choices: Burger, whole lobster or lobster roll. Each meal comes with both fries and salad.

I chose the lobster because I haven’t had that in awhile and I figured that was probably the best deal. I decided to go with the grilled lobster option and was not disappointed.

burgerlobster_meThe lobster was a decent size and it came with lemon-garlic butter. Plus, it was pre-cracked so it made it a lot easier to enjoy. The lobster meat had a nice flavor to it and that lemon butter is life. The salad was mediocre to me but the fries were warm, crispy and delicious!


My friend ordered one of the desserts: Chocolate mousse and was kind enough to let me try some of it. Truly delectable flavor of sweet, rich, delightful chocolate with darker chocolate at the bottom.

burgerlobster_dessertEven though I did not get to try the burger or lobster roll, I heard that the burger was quite good (and worth the $20), and the same for the lobster roll. I would definitely come back to try the burger!

Tip: Try it soon, before it becomes completely crowded and difficult to get a table (they don’t take advance reservations).


Burger & Lobster
39 W. 19 St
New York, NY

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Restaurant Week at Bobby Van’s Steakhouse


Summer Restaurant Week is in full swing! Bobby Van’s Steakhouse is a classic restaurant in the Financial District that a friend and I went for Restaurant Week dinner. We were seated promptly and given an assortment of bread and multi-grain cracker that was pretty tasty.


I had the Steakwedge Salad, which actually wasn’t very healthy, but was definitely quite good.. A wedge of lettuce, bacon and fried onion with Ranch dressing (too much of this) and a sprinkling of black pepper.


The entree was Filet Mignon with creamed spinach and french fries. My Filet Mignon came butterflied because I wanted it well done, and it was delicious… Juicy, full of flavor, tender! The creamed spinach was too creamy for me and had a sort of strange taste to it. The fries were decent. Even though I normally prefer skinny fries, I liked the crispness and flavor of these ones.


I tried tartufo for dessert, which is an Italian specialty of chocolate and vanilla ice cream covered in a chocolate shell, with a cherry in the middle. This was delightful… Not too sweet, and the combination of the chocolate with wonderful ice cream & cherry worked really well together. Well worth the extra $2.


The service was quite good, until it came time to receive our bill- took awhile to get it. Otherwise, well done.


Location: 25 Broad St

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Day at Randall’s Island

For Memorial Day, I spent the day with a bunch of friends at Randall’s Island, which is situated in the East River in New York City, part of the borough of Manhattan. It was a perfect day (albeit, a bit on the warm side) to spend outside, just chilling, enjoying each others’ company and exploring.

We started off checking out the mini golf area, which was beautiful… Complete with colorful flowers, trees which made for plenty of shade and dappled sunlight, body of water with a lone duck, rock wall formations and two lovely waterfalls.


Then, we decided we were hungry so we sat at the outdoor dining spot of The Beer Garden & Cafe at Randall’s Island. It was a cute little spot, right in the center of everything (mini golf, batting cages, etc) and there was live classic rock music playing, which really was a great addition to the balmy¬† sunny day.

My friend and I decided to share the tilapia taco with mango salsa and purple coleslaw. They were mediocre… The taste of the tilapia was weak and unseasoned. I would’ve liked more tilapia. Also, the flavors didn’t mesh well together.

The french fries, however, were delicious. Waffle cut, crispy, golden, salted and wonderful.


Afterwards, we went to the batting cages and checked out the upper deck of the driving range area. There was a pretty view of a large green field and part of the city.


Next we wanted to explore the other side of the island and walk along the weather. We found an opening along the fence, so we walked over it and  got to this glorious green grassy area with the glistening water ahead and a breathtaking view of the Manhattan side.

I just had to get in the water and it felt sooo refreshing and cool. I could have stayed all day!



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