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New Year’s Eve


Flying from CA –> NYC on the Red Eye with a stopover in Atlanta, arriving back on the East Coast afternoon of New Year’s Eve and realizing that my luggage was not at JFK. Apparently it was still in Atlanta! Thankfully, it wasn’t a big issue because I had all my necessary items (including my NYE dress) in my carry on. After ensuring that I would get my delayed luggage delivered to my apartment, I headed home for some much needed rest before going out for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

So, what did I wear? Hot pink & silver glitter, an Enfocus Studio dress with filmy light pink V-neck top with black skirt bottom & sparkly black sequined middle, paired with black high heel boots that have silver sparkles.


On the way to the venue, I ran into a friend who was going to the same party, which was great timing (also because he didn’t see me fall on the little pothole in the concrete). The venue was beautiful- Wood floors, high ceilings, glittering golden drapes, strung up blue twinkling lights, a stage with large projector and a gorgeous view of the beautiful New York City skyline, with the Empire State Building resplendent in flashing colors, front & center.


As soon as we walked in, there were waiters with appetizers on trays. My favorite was the chicken filo cups- The chicken was shredded and had a hearty flavor, while the filo cups were flaky and wonderfully crispy at the same time. There was also smoked salmon stuffed cornbread. The cornbread was perfectly soft and buttery, with a slight flavor of salmon. I liked that the flavor of the salmon was not overpowering. Last, there were tomato basil mozzarella cheese balls. It was light, juicy and tasty. Then there were long tables beautifully arranged for a sit down dinner, with gold glitter down the middle and candles.


For dinner, we had the choice of tomato basil soup or salad. I had the soup, which was not warm and tasted mediocre in my opinion. The entree more than made up for it though. It was stuffed pork tenderloin with a side of wild rice and asparagus with sliced almonds and Parmesan cheese. I really enjoyed the stuffed pork- It was wrapped with bacon, and so deliciously tender and full of great flavor. The wild rice was also quite good, with the right consistency and flavor.  The asparagus were cooked well and the almonds and parmesan combined together was a yummy touch.


Then, we had some live entertainment and got to see some amazing singers and dancers perform. I enjoyed the heartfelt performances and the last song sung was “Twist & Shout” to get us all up and dancing. It worked. We danced for the next few hours with a live feed of the Times Square celebrations in the background.


We took a break from dancing to raid the dessert/candy buffet, which had various pastries, yellow cake with cream and fruit, cookies, chocolates, marshmallows, chocolate + yogurt covered pretzels, white covered peanuts, golden gumballs and more!


Before we knew it, it was the countdown to midnight! Champagne toast, shouting, hugs, kisses and love. I had such a wonderful time ringing in the new year dancing up a storm in the company of some great friends! And I even got a ride home. How I ask for a better New Year’s Eve?

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The Fuerza Bruta Experience


I got to see Fuerza Bruta with one of my friends tonight… And it was about time. Pretty much all of my friends have already seen and raved about this show, so I was definitely looking forward to it.

Before seeing the show, I took advantage of the food trucks that populate Union Square and tried the Korilla BBQ – Korean BBQ one. I was not disappointed. I chose the bulgogi rice bowl with stir fried kimchi bacon rice and all the vegetables I could want: Beansprouts, carrots, cucumbers, and mushrooms, along with some sweet/hot sauce. The meat was marinated beautifully in a delicious sauce- flavorful and tender. And the veggies were great- fresh and plentiful, and made me feel like I was having a well balanced healthy meal.


So at Fuerza Bruta, we all stood up the entire time, in this dark room with smoke with bright blue and red lights, eagerly anticipating the beginning of the show. It finally began with a guy in all black then white in bright white light, pacing and then coming closer and closer, being shot with a loud bang that startled me quite a bit. But he revitalized after being shot down and continued to run and walk, with other folks joining in- I immediately fell in love with the Bradley Cooper lookalike.

I loved the dance sequences best, one of them with two talented gals dancing sideways, while facing each other on the shimmery pinkish purple sunset of fabric.

Then there were much celebratory dancing pounding music beats; a guy dressed in all white running in the air with white confetti filling the air; dancing with the crowds and confetti everywhere… After all that intense heart pumping high energy atmosphere, the music slowed to a calmer pace and we witnessed some gorgeous shapes dancing on top of us in water. The clear container holding the dancers would come down toward us slowly until it was directly on top of us and we interacted with the dancers, which was a lot of fun.


After the water dancing sequence, we witnessed the troupe that had started the show doing more running in the air with white confetti, which was quite cool to watch. Loved the feeling of cool air from motion and from the smoke machines.


After the show, I had a chance to meet the who caught my eye, and got a picture with him. Gorgeous, is he not?

It would be an understatement to say this show is weird, but it had this great feeling of fun, good energy and craziness, with some surprises mixed in. So, if you want a rocking evening that awakens your senses- visual, audio & touch –  and makes you want to joyfully dance & jump, then go see Fuerza Bruta!

… With one caveat: Try to get discount tickets. I got mine half off through LivingSocial and I’m not sure I would’ve paid full price to see the show.


Address: Daryl Roth Theater at 101 East 15 St

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