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Dining at Traif

I had heard a lot about the restaurant Traif, in Brooklyn and finally had the chance to experience it with a friend the other day. It didn’t disappoint. It was explained to us by the waitress the items on the menu are small bites meant to be shared so we chose a few items. I started off by getting a drink: Pomegranate juice, which was full of pure pomegranate flavor and not too sweet.


Our first dish was baked Muenster cheese with smoked chorizo and green apple, as well as crostini to dip. The cheese was warm and extremely delicious, along with the chorizo at the bottom. It paired perfectly with the apple and bread. We were even given more bread to finish the rest of the cheese.

Next came the strawberry-cinnamon glazed baby back ribs, which were as delicious as it sounds. The ribs were coated with just the right amount of seasoning and sauce, and we could really taste the cinnamon spice. The meat came off the bone easily and tasted tender, hearty and a mix of savory and sweet.

traif_ribsAfter that was the BBQ braised short rib sliders with smoked paprika aioli and sweet potato fries. The short rib was incredibly juicy and had a burst of mouthwatering BBQ flavor. And the sweet potato fries were perfectly crispy, crunchy, and delightful. Some of the best I’ve tasted!

Last was the broccoli rabe, which we thought would be a good, healthy choice but it came smothered in aged asiago, portobello truffle toast and fried egg. Each component tasted great on its own but combining the strong flavors of sauteed broccoli rabe, mushroom, cheese and egg is what made it a wonderful masterpiece.


The dessert was maple bacon mini donuts with coffee ice cream and this was amazing! Warm doughy, sweet, chewy donuts, glazed with caramel and sprinkled with bacon bits– What could be better? And the ice cream was very yummy, with authentic flavor of milky coffee.
The meal at Traif, from start to finish, was exquisitely decadent, delectable and delicious! The service was spot on and attentive. I would go back again in a heartbeat to try other menu items.



229 S 4 St
Brooklyn, NY

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Dining at Dos Caminos


I’ve been wanting to dine at trendy Mexican restaurant, Dos Caminos since forever so I was happy to have the chance to do so tonight at the Park Avenue South location. It was a nice, cozy spot with cushioned seats. Upon the recommendation of my friend,  I had the Jamaican Lemonade — which is lemonade with lime juice and syrup. It was both tart and sweet as well as refreshing.

My friend and I shared the Dos Caminos Bocadito Trio, which consisted of chicken taquitos, quesadillas and plantain empanadas. The taquitos were my favorite – I enjoyed that taste of crispy chicken and crunchy wrapped shell, as it should be (some Mexican restaurants call tacos taquitos). The mexico city street quesadillas were pretty good with shredded pork but looked and tasted more like empanadas. The plantain empanadas were just okay- The soft interior combined well with crispy exterior and  I did like the sauce it came with.


As for the entree, I had a tough time choosing between the prickled pear short rib special with squash & brussel sprouts or the baby back ribs with  truffled sweet corn and pineapple. I ultimately decided on the baby back ribs, but I think the short ribs would have been the more interesting and unique dish. The entrees came with spanish rice and beans. The ribs were guava-glazed and had a wonderfully sweet flavor. The meat was tender, coming right off the bone and slightly burnt at the ends which is how I like it. The truffled sweet corn esquites were good… They were underneath the ribs and a mash of sweet corn, mayonnaise, crumbled cheese and some kind of red powder all mixed together.


My friend ordered the fish special with peppers. I actually really enjoyed his dish. It was light and tasted delicious. I liked the crispiness of the crust and the flavor of the fish itself. The peppers were soaked in some kind of sauce and balanced the dish.


We decided to try dessert as well and settled on the Mexican Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae to share. The sundae came with vanilla bean ice cream, warm churros, chocolate covered cocoa mini brownies, as well as hot fudge and butterscotch sauces. We poured both sauces over the sundae and it was delectable… Sweet, rich, creamy flavors all mingling together and the churros were fried to perfection. The churros were even better when dipped in some butterscotch sauce.


A delightful and satisfying meal with decent service, though the server could have been a little more attentive. However when all is said and done, I would definitely go back and try something more authentically Mexican…



Dos Caminos
373 Park Avenue South + Meatpacking, SoHo, 3rd Ave locations
New York, NY
Dos Caminos

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