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FIT Museum: Shoe Obsession

FIT shoe-obsession0

I thoroughly enjoyed the FIT Museum’s Shoe Obsession Exhibit the other week. How could I not? What woman doesn’t have an obsession with shoes? Also, Shoe is my namesake (My last name is pronounced “Shoe”).

Shoe Obsession features over 150 examples of the most extraordinary shoe styles of the twenty-first century, highlighting the new concepts, constructions, materials, and types of embellishment that have positioned shoes at the height of fashion.” The exhibit showcased many big-name brands, such as Manolo Blahnik, Christian Dior (ladylike, delicate, feminine), Alexander McQueen (imaginative, extreme), Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino, Tom Ford (revitalized the sexy seductive stiletto heel), Chanel (classic), Versace (sexy, bold) and Prada (effortlessly cool).

The below hot pink, blue + yellow heels, as well as the sparkly gold/colorful heel were two of my favorites from the exhibit.

FIT shoe-obsession

Some of my other favorites were shoes was a gorgeous red number by Tom Ford– Unusually shaped heels with velvet red straps that tie in a bow in the back.

FIT shoe-obsession2

Alberto Guardiani’s “Flutterby,” a chic, stylish perfect-for-spring shoe with a classic suede pump, with a bit of surprise whimsy — a black and white butterfly for a heel. And these Alberto Guardiani heels apparently comes in different hues: Turquoise, blue, and pink! I am smitten…

FIT shoe-obsession3

Another shoe that caught my eye: Manolo Blahnik’s classically ladylike satin pump in cobalt blue, with a crystal encrusted square sparkle on the pointed toe.

FIT shoe-obsession4

Roger Vivier was another designer that I enjoyed quite a bit: Rose n’ Roll, Nouvelle Vague, Feather Rose, Eyelash Heel. One of my favorites was a pretty, girly light pale pink number (with hot pink interior) with a sweet curvy cut and little brown flowers with yellow, turqouise, white centers + little confetti shaped multi-colored square/rectangles all around.

FIT shoe-obsession6Another Roger Vivier that I liked was Nouvelle Vague, from the Rendez-Vous limited-edition collection is a nude pump with seductive lines and a single rose made of feathers by Lemarié.

FIT shoe-obsession7

Now for another Roger Vivier, something with a little wilder aesthetic, with a beautiful cut and peacock-esque showiness at the back of the heel. Design named Eyelash Heel.

FIT shoe-obsession5

There was even a Cinderella-style glass shoe on display…

FIT shoe-obsession8

Of the shoes selected for the exhibit, Valerie Steele, Director and Chief Curator of The Museum at FIT says, “Nothing ordinary. Everything extraordinary. Some of them are works of art which you couldn’t hardly imagine wearing, but others are works of art that you really would imagine wearing to all sorts of important occasions in your life.” I couldn’t agree more… If you’re a lover of shoes, beauty & style make sure to check out this FIT Museum exhibit before April 13th to experience these artistic wonders firsthand!



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Shanghai Fashion & Shopping

New Haircut & Color

China’s fashion (and shopping) capital is without a doubt, Shanghai! I made sure to stock up on glitter, boots, clothes, purses, beautifully designed hair items, sweet little trinkets and treats, super cute fake tattoos/stickers and more.

What I loved most about it was that if you look beyond the fancy and glittering department stores & the famous street, Nanjing Lu, you will find treasures that cost a fraction of the amount you would’ve paid. Street markets, little shops, famous shopping streets, places that maybe tourists wouldn’t know about were all opened up to me, thanks to my relatives in Shanghai. In most of these places, we were able to bargain and get a great deal on an already affordable price.

At the place below, I picked out a gorgeous pink wallet with sparkly gold and an abstract design, with pale pink interior with plenty of pockets, heart cut outs and a pull out card holder. $5. (Wallet also pictured below.)

What did I buy the most of? Shoes, of course! These glittery boots with high heels look amazing and feel good. $25.

This pair of stylish boots I got are brown with fur trim with sparkle and buckle design that I love and have been wearing almost every day since I’ve gotten back, are just so warm and comfortable. $20.

Below the knee blue boots. Suede-ish material. Silver glitter down the side. Slight heel. Soft. $24.

I bought a lovely new purse that I now sport around everywhere. It’s hot pink, with a bit of pale brown, gold accents, a bit of pale pink sparkle, bow detail and gold heart (of course). $15. And, the much too adorable little pink teddy bear to the right of it is its perfect companion. $3. Except that I don’t actually take it with me everywhere.

I also got to check out cute purses and watches from my relatives who has a small business selling name brand items from her home. I picked the purple-ish pink purse in the back. Free.

And though exorbitantly expensive,  department stores in Shanghai are certainly a sight to be seen.

I enjoyed the store displays… One of my favorites (but far too pricey) was the romantic and poetic clothing brand, Roem:













And of course the gorgeous window displays from stores off the street.

Last, but not least… My favorite ad campaign of Shanghai was Jack Jones which utilizes the gorgeous Orlando Bloom and a beautiful wolf.

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