Spring 2013 Styles

It’s the first day of spring– the Spring Equinox today! Though you’d never guess it by the chilly, windy weather we’ve been having in NYC, especially by the mini-snowstorm we had Monday evening. So, here’s hoping that the weather will get warmer soon, that the flowers were begin to bloom, and that true spring will arrive. In the meantime, here’s a look at some styles and trends for Spring 2013!

Colored jeans. I already have hot pink (Rockstar – Old Navy) and turquoise (Pretty Girl) colors. Both under $20.











Pastels are huge- They are fun, colorful, girly and flirty. One of my favorite pastel items of clothing is a Forever 21 pastel sea foam green lace skirt. Lace is another favorite trend of mine… So perfectly soft and romantic. I have a H&M short sleeve burgundy lace top that I cannot wait to show off!


Pretty and girly a-line skirts. Pencil skirts, a little more professional though still can be sexy, are also in. I love my dark blue pencil skirt with button detail down the front.

a-line skirts
















Sexy, sophisticated shift dresses.


Blazers are wonderful and can be used to dress up any look, whether it be a classic black blazer, or something of the more colorful variety.


Another fashion staple this season are bold stripes (also evidenced above). One of my favorite dresses is vertically striped dark navy blue and white, while another one is diagonally and horizontally striped black and metallicy silver.


It should come as no surprise that embellishment details  (glittery sequins, beading, lace, etc) are something I love on clothing, whether it be tops, dresses, jackets, blazers, skirts… It’s a great way to dress up any outfit! A couple of my favorite shirts have embellishments: One has a scattering of large and small silver crystals (purchased in Shanghai) and another has horizontally striped silver sequins on black (Michael Kors).


Leather. I love my new Levi’s Leather Jacket – Black, front zipper details, fur collar, and quite a steal at $60 (Original Price was $250+)


Cap toe shoes are elegant, glamorous and super cute.


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  1. donette

    You know im feeling the green and black flats

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