Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding

Photos by Marlisa Douglas

Photos by Marlisa Douglas

I recently received complimentary tickets to Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding, the longest running interactive Off-Broadway experience in New York City. While being seated for the wedding ceremony, I spoke with Johnny (Tony’s brother), who remembered me as the smart girl in high school that he used to cheat off of, so we had a good laugh about that. We are also introduced to the loud-mouthed Italian families taking part in the wedding, including the crazy brothers and cousins, aunts and the hilarious grandmother. (Pictured below)


Tina walked down the aisle toward the stage and looked beautiful in her billowy beautiful wedding dress!


The ceremony was lovely, starting off with Sister Albert Maria singing a religious song and getting the whole audience to join her. One of Tina’s bridesmaids and her maid of honor read from the Bible (the well known love passage from 1st Corinthians 13:4-8 and a scripture about marriage). There was also the ceremonial lighting of candles and vows being exchanged between Tony and Tina.


After the ceremony, we all headed to Guy’s American Kitchen for the reception. My friend and I sat at the Sinatra table.


Upon arrival, I saw the lovely & pristine layered white wedding cake…


Dinner was provided… We had bread, which was just your run of the mill soft bread. Then came large vegetarian dumplings with soy sauce, served on a bed of purple lettuce and vinaigrette. The dumplings were pretty tasty, but there was only enough for one each. I would’ve liked to have another one. A bit later, we went to the buffet for our entree, which was salad, pasta with vegetables and tomato sauce. I enjoyed the vegetables the most– They were fresh and flavorful but the rest of the meal was mediocre.


Then there was cake… Even though it was a small piece, I really enjoyed it. It was light, fluffy, not too sweet and tasted delicious!


Also at the reception, we met Danny Dulce the wedding singer. Danny really knew which songs to perform and my friend & I had a great time dancing to the tunes. We got to see a extravagant Champagne Walk and then the drama continued as the bride, groom and all parties got drunker as the night wore on… Tony & others from the wedding party taking their shirts off, ex lovers getting back together, Conga line, the bouquet/garter toss and more!  There was also a fight between Tina and her pregnant maid of honor (as well as best friend) and later, between Tony and his brother, Johnny. Tony later told me not to encourage his little brother!

I had such a wonderful time at Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding and found it to be an original, creative and incredibly entertaining immersion experience — You really feel like you are a part of the wedding!


Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School,
120 West 46th St.
Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar (Downstairs)
220 W 44th St
New York, NY

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