Bosie Tea Parlor


I would’ve never known about this sweet little spot (in the West Village, no less!) if my friend hadn’t suggested we have afternoon tea here. It’s super cozy and cute, but not so girly that you can’t bring one of your male friends!

We ordered Bosie Tea Service for 2 which actually was quite filling. We each got our own little pots of tea. I chose the Almond Cookie Rooibos, which definitely did not have the almond cookie nuance of flavors and pink sprinkles like the description suggested.


Next, we were served scones, mini cakes and sandwiches on delicate three-tiered plates. We started with the scones, which came fresh and warm with a deliciously buttery, slightly sweet flavor, made even tastier with clotted cream and strawberry jam. Be sure to slather on the jam to get the full taste experience!


There were 4 different types of cakes: Chocolate, lemon, green tea and pound cake. Each cake had a vanilla or citrus topping and all were incredibly moist, sweet and wonderful.


As for the sandwiches, I had chosen egg salad, crab and chicken and you get two of each! The egg salad sandwich was quite lovely, with a lot of flavor. It consisted of Farmer’s Egg Salad with thyme blossoms on whole wheat. The crab sandwich was also good, but my favorite was the chicken breast with curried mayonnaise and golden raisins on multi-grain. The chicken sandwich was bursting with hearty flavor.


Last, were the French macarons. We were allotted 2 each. I chose Vanilla Cheesecake and Peanut Butter & Jelly. The Vanilla Cheesecake had a creamy cheesecake filling with a vanilla cookie in the center. It was pretty good, but I would’ve enjoyed more distinct flavors of vanilla and cheesecake. The Peanut Butter & Jelly macaron  was truly delicious, and had a bit of jelly in the center. I really loved the smooth, strong taste of peanut butter, coupled with the sweet cookie and jelly.


I had a lovely time with great company and really enjoyed the delectable treats at this wonderful spot.



Bosie’s Tea Parlor
10 Morton Street
New York, NY

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