A Conversation with Paula Abdul


Last week, I had the privilege of attending an event presented by Hudson Union at the Hilton, on the 45th (top) floor, featuring Paula Abdul. I’ve always been a fan of Paula, and met her briefly during a first season taping of “American Idol” and she was so sweet. So I loved getting the chance to see her in person again for this intimate interview.

Paula was just as sweet, and a bit more whimsical and fun than I remembered. And teeny tiny, both in body structure and height. She wore a tight fitting white dress with a flared skirt and black accents, with a super cute pony tail & bangs.

Paula really poured out her heart to us, telling her amazing life story and all the experiences of being a choreographer, dancer and performer. She would take us through all these tangents and different steps of how she got to work with all these amazing artists, and with all those shows and movies. It was crazy how her life interconnected with incredible synergy.

She even shared the reasons why she stopped recording CD’s and how that led her to be a judge on American Idol, becoming very real and vulnerable. It definitely made me teary-eyed to hear how much she had gone through. Few people know the real story, and I am going to divulge it here…

Paula underwent several health issues during this time that involved spinal injuries and so on, from car accidents and a plane crash. She had 15 spinal surgeries and was still not healing, so she wanted to do something constructive with her pain. And that resulted in American Idol, where she was able to coach and help young singers become successful in the music industry.

It was a real treat to hear Paula Abdul’s story- She is such a light and inspiration.

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