Chris Daughtry In Concert


When I found out that Chris Daughtry, “American Idol” favorite who most definitely should have won over Taylor Hicks, was going to performing for free at MLB Fan Cave, I made sure I would be there. It was a really nice space and not that large, so it was a sort of intimate setting with some 100 fans. My friend and I were able to see Chris Daughtry and his  band pretty well, only a couple rows from the first.

Chris was lovely and perfectly charming, singing about 5 songs and I fully enjoyed hearing each one. His voice was so sweet, and emotion-filled love stories. I especially liked “4AM,” which he is gorgeously crooning below.

chris daughtry

Alas, the concert ended too quickly and I wasnt one of the lucky few to win a “Meet & Greet” with the performer Chris Daughtry but I still loved the experience of seeing him live!

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  1. jenniferr101

    I don’t know how many more Daughtry concerts my parents will let me go to. (uh oh) So I might wait till they’re headlining when tickets are cheaper at and I have a better chance of meeting them. Although, Daughtry’s not bad either. I don’t know, we’ll see how it goes

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