Hair Update

The other night I went all the way to Buswick, Brooklyn to get my hair cut and colored by someone who I worked with at  Hair Design Institute, who has since gotten her credentials.  She also gave me a great deal for doing both.

We started with coloring my hair. The mixture was carrot colored at first which had me a bit apprehensive, but of course the color didn’t come out like that. The color came out to be brighter orangey red on top and a more toned down reddish brown on the rest of my locks.

While I had the color in, the hairdresser ordered dinner for us.  I got chicken quesadilla with Jack cheese and a huge container of lemonade- the natural kind with actual lemons- and all for $5.25!

Washing my hair out with lovely scented products felt really nice and made my hair feel extra silky and beautiful.

The next step was getting the cut. I didn’t go for a drastic change- just a few inches at the end to get rid of split ends, and a more pronounced layers style.

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