Special Screening: Wrath of the Titans

Monday night I attended what I thought was a regular free screening of Wrath of the Titans at AMC Lincoln Center theater with one of my Meetup groups. I quickly found out it was a special screening at the IMAX 3D theater, complete with heavy duty metal detectors we had to walk through and assigned seating. I was in row C (third from the front) toward the middle, which was a bit close but better than first row.

We were also granted the VIP privilege of complimentary popcorn and sodas which was a nice surprise. The movie started half an hour after the appointed time, but that was okay- I was pretty content with just enjoying the experience and excitement of being at the IMAX theater premiere, especially knowing that some of the cast members were in attendance.

The actual movie was just okay. The 3D and special effects were very real, especially being so close to screen, it almost felt like I was inside that world which was very cool. Though, as to be expected, there was a lot of action and not much plot especially since I hadn’t seen the first movie so I don’t really know the back story. However, the fighting scenes were quite good and I enjoyed some of the more passionate moments between the characters.

Afterwards, as I was waiting to use the restroom I noticed some high profile folks gathering around nearby and spotted Sam Worthington!

He looked handsome, sharp, fun loving and in good spirits. I was literally standing a few feet away from him and wanted to, could have ask for a picture with him but then the moment passed. I hate that I missed my chance! And I’m not normally shy when it comes to getting what I want… *Sigh*

Even though I didn’t get that picture with Sam Worthington, I still had a wonderful time at the special screening, and look forward to others in the future.


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2 responses to “Special Screening: Wrath of the Titans

  1. Jesse

    Which group did you attend with?

  2. I went with NYC Horror Meetup Group.

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