The White House & Cherry Blossoms

I was approved to tour the White House in Washington D.C. this past weekend so made my way there after work on Friday. It was a gorgeous, balmy warm day on Friday so my friend took me to the waterfront to enjoy the view, breeze and some delicious seafood at a Chinese fusion restaurant.

Saturday dawned cool and rainy, but I was still looking forward to my White House tour. My friend and I enjoyed a homemade breakfast of pancakes, bacon, sausage, shredded potato, eggs and mango orange smoothie before heading out for the day.

The White House grounds were beautiful – truly magnificent, and immaculately maintained with perfectly cut grass, Jacqueline Kennedy Garden, a fountain, blooming flowers, and historic trees. The interior was also a sight to be seen with portraits of Presidents and First Ladies, as well as important moments in history, lining the corridors and hallways of the Ground and State floors.

I was able to tour the Vermeil Room, China Room, East Room, Library, Green Room, Blue Room, Red Room, State Dining Room, and Ground Floor Corridor.

I loved the Library, home to many books on history, biography, fiction and the sciences all by American authors. There was also a beautiful flower center piece, chandelier, fire place and seats all around, giving the room a warm, almost homey feel.

Another favorite was the State Dining Room where all the most important meals take place, seating up to 130 guests. It had painted English oak paneling, a fireplace mantel and a large stately table.

The Vermeil and China Rooms were also interesting. The Vermeil Room shows a collection of gilded silver and portraits of recent first lady, while the China Room displays pieces of china and glass used by different Presidents.

The East Room is the largest in the White House. It is used for important events, such as receptions, ceremonies, press conferences, and even weddings! Also, the body of 7 presidents have lain “in state” there after they had died during their term, such as John F. Kennedy.

After the White House tour, my friend took me to the Cherry Blossom Festival. The cherry blossoms were lovely white and pink in color; all lined up along the National Mall, water, bridges, and Memorials. We took the path by the water and through the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, which was made up of beautiful quotes and fountains of varying heights and stature.













We enjoyed a meal at Fuddruckers, a popular and popping burger joint downtown. I had the Caribbean Special Voodoo chicken in cajun spices with sauteed onions and a slew of free toppings and sauces: Hot melted cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayo. Quite a delicious combination, and also enjoyed some steak cut fries. I normally prefer skinny fries, but these fatter fries were done right- seasoned and crisp to perfection.

For dessert, I stopped by Red Velvet Cupcakery which is a cute little shop with irresistible-looking cupcakes. I, of course had to try its namesake: Red Velvet. This was so tasty with a moist cake and rich cream cheese frosting.  I also had cappuccino cupcake and a birthday cupcake made out of yellow cake and chocolate frosting. Both were unique and sweetly delectable.
















As always, I had a great time in DC and am looking forward to my next trip where I will be sure to find more new adventures and fun!


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2 responses to “The White House & Cherry Blossoms

  1. Sally

    Sounds wonderful. Lucky you caught the Cherry Blossoms in early bloom as I think they got frosted last night and will die prematurely.
    I’ve been to DC several times but have never made a visit inside the White House.
    I’VE GOTTA DO IT !!!!

  2. Anonymous

    It looks like your has a lovely trip to DC and caught the Cherry Blossom time. I’m happy for your. Good Job Kathy!

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