Spring Trends 2012

Having enjoyed a couple of beautiful days, starting the see the pink cherry blossoms, and seeing longer days – You would think spring has sprung! Yet there are still grey clouds, chilly winds and rain storms on the horizon. The current unspring-like weather has gotten me a little down because I can’t wait to sport cute skirts, flirty dresses, strappy sandals, pretty flip flops (which I need more of), little jackets and a more carefree spirit.

While we await the true arrival of spring, let’s look at some of my favorite spring trends… Romantic, Bold Pastels, and Crazy Prints.

I’ve always loved adding romantic touches to my outfits, such as ruffles, florals, lace, ruches and peplums. Another feminine detail are pleats which can be found in tops, bottoms and dresses.

Bold pastels are beautiful, colorful and intense. Go for clean lines and pair solid with solid. Below: Ralph Lauren, Prada, Givenchy, Versace.

Another fun trend is crazy prints, showing off bright colors, bold graphics and designs. These are best in a relaxed fit and black is a good contrasting color.

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