Shecky’s Girls Night Out

I attended Shecky’s Girls Night Out with 2 friends tonight, which is famous for their glorious goodie bags, unique designers and free drinks.

Inside the Goodie Bags: Full sized Jergens moisturizer, cocktail mixer, rain kissed water lily scent, body washes, hand sanitizer, hair accessories, soft lips, nail appliques, and vitamin water. To be honest, I’ve seen better especially through Shecky’s so it was a bit of a let down but at least I didn’t pay full price for the ticket.

There were mostly jewelry, clothing, skincare, beauty along with some tea, treats and dessert as well as “Passion Party” vendors sprinkled throughout. I preferred the more delicate jewelry; for example shown here:

Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot

There were quite a few Swedish companies known for their skincare and beauty brands. There were  also Passion Party tables so one of my friends signed up to host “Slumber Party” possibly the most crazy and fun sounding of them all. I checked out some of the clothing racks, many between the prices of $20-$55 and fell in like with several of the dresses: The beautiful vibrant blues, silver belt detail, simple but flattering cuts… Alas, I didn’t end up purchasing any.









We also got to try some appetizers: Beef empanada which was packed with flavor, as was the pulled pork mini slider. What I really enjoyed and ended up taking home was Jessy’s Peruvian Pastries– little bites of dulce de leche heaven. Wrapped individually and smelling of sweet shortbread and caramel deliciousness, a bagful was only $10.

Despite the somewhat disappointing Goodie Bag and very crowded space (some pushing, shoving, rudeness), I had a lovely time checking out all the different vendors and partaking in giveaways for skincare products, laser skin removal treatments (I actually received a free gift from SLEEK for microdermabrasion or chemical peel!), Broadway shows and more… Who knows– Maybe I’ll win something.

If you go, make sure to find a special code to save $5 or $10 off the original ticket price of $25 (available at different vendor locations and online). And bring cash as vendors may charge more if you use a credit card. Also, here’s hoping that next time around the Goodie Bags will be more substantial (like in previous years).

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