Brunch at Barrel

Recently, I dined at The Barrel for brunch, a lovely restaurant serving European cuisines at the edge of St. Mark’s Place. The Barrel’s interior is a wonderful earthy experience. A copper paned window entrance accents the restaurant’s décor while shielding the street’s view,  leading to a dining area where there is barrel-inspired booth seating. The tables are made of beautiful polished-shiny wood. There is also a bar located further inside with drop lighting, a wine tree and other intricate details like white flowers and beautiful wine glasses which accents the entire restaurant.














The brunch menu looked varied and delicious with great pricing: $11.95 for the meal including coffee, tea and a complimentary beverage (including alcoholic). It was a tough decision, but I finally settled on Steak & Eggs which came with home fries, creamed spinach, homemade bread, and  eggs (however style we wanted). Everything was prepared beautifully. The steak was cut into smaller pieces, making it easier on us and was simply delicious, especially covered in the sauce provided. Every part of the meal was delectable on its own, as well as together.

What I have to try next time: Grilled Chicken and Mushroom Fusseli Pasta “sauteed with herbs, garlic, white wine and butter finished in a parmesan cream sauce.”

Brunch at The Barrel was a truly delightful experience, complete with wonderful service- The waiters were attentive and accommodating.

Address: 10 Stuyvesant Street.


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3 responses to “Brunch at Barrel

  1. gary barnes

    I will definitely try this place!!

  2. Sally

    Sparkle –
    That looks and sounds delicious. I’m gonna have to try it!! And that price is really good with the (I’m guessing: Bloody Mary or Mimosa) included. Thanks

  3. You have remarked very interesting details! ps decent internet site.

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