Couture Fashion Week Finale

The very last show of Couture Fashion Week was an incredible display of  couture fashion and beauty, featuring two ultra-talented designers: ALICAT Avril Lemieux and Edwing D’Angelo.


ALICAT came out with gorgeous and romantic evening wear, perfectly cut and draping gracefully on each model. I particularly enjoyed the satin white gown, off the shoulder diagonally and the the pale brown number with a long wispy train trailing behind:

Runaway ALICAT












Edwing D’Angelo’s style was hip, snazzy and original. All the models wore black lace covering their eyes, which added an air of mystery and darkness. I loved the additions of lace, ruffles, fur, button details, and deep colors. The best, by far was the black lace evening gown – Slightly see through on the top with full, lush floor-length midnight blue and black ruffles. I also adored the asymmetrical black skirt with diagonal button and hem details, paired with a black button down with a dark purple-blue design.

Edwing D'Angelo Male Models

Edwing D'Angelo

Edwing D'Angelo Lace Gown

Edwing D'Angelo Black Gowns

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