Couture Fashion Sunday

Luis Machicao


The first show of CFW Sunday started off with 3 designers: Romero Bryan (UK); Luis Machicao (Peru) and LaureLuxe Metals by Laurel DeWitt. Romero’s collection was full of black and white, velour and the cuts were dramatic with attention to texture.

Romero Bryan

Next designer, Luis’ models all had crazy bad-ass mohawks with bright vibrant colored feathers sticking out of them.  His collection of power suits and dresses were equally colorful in yellow, blue, red and pink with aztec patterns.

R-L: Designer Luis Machicao - Middle in light blue shirt; Producer Andres Aquino

With Luis Machicao Models

LaureLuxe by Laurel DeWitt had metal jewelry armor as wearable pieces such as over the shoulders, arms with hair styled into intertwining chains as ponytails. LaureLuxe collection of metals to wear was striking, creative and hot.

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