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NYC Holiday Walk


It’s that time of year again… Sparkling holiday window displays, lit up wreaths & beautifully decorated Christmas trees, holiday markets, snowfall & glittering snowflakes and (hopefully) the feeling of joy & good cheer.


Some friends and I did a holiday walking tour along 5th Avenue, where we hit up classics such as Bergdorf Goodman, Columbus Circle, gorgeous hotels, Rockefeller Center and more. Of course I sighed at the sight of Tiffany & Co, their windows showcasing mini apartments against velvety-blue city skyline dotted with lit windows, sprinkled with brilliant rings and other pieces of jewelry.


I loved Bergdorf Goodman: Truly lovely, intricate designs and couture gowns. The first display was of a shiny white tree with icicles hanging from the ceiling. The next display, a patriotic affair of red, white, blue, complete with soldiers and a white horse. Third display showed a blue mountainous background with ice sculptures of a bear and other animals. The last was everything pink, girly with a crystal chandelier.










Next was Barneys, which boasted light projections, 3-D displays, LED screens and lots of silver and gold. “Collaborating with one of the City’s best-loved exports, Jay Z, the upscale retailer presents displays that are visually magnetic, multidimensional and interactive. One window features a jagged structure covered in thousands of mirrors that glimmer and glisten in a burst of reflections and patterns, while another displays a futuristic floating model of NYC that changes from white to brown to yellow and back to white thanks to a series of light projections.”


We then came across Maison 24, and I fell in love with their window displays… They combined some of my favorite things: Glitter, unicorns, hearts, the colors pink & silver…


We stopped by a couple of places, such as The Peninsula then came across the famous store front of Harry Winston and the building wrapped like a present.


Then there was Saks Fifth Avenue window display that showcases the adorable and colorful story of Yeti, the abominable snowman and his journey from Siberia to NYC.


And then some beautiful fashionable displays of dresses and suits… I especially liked the rose gold gown with sparkling sequin-like flower detail cascading down the dress.


Next we came to Rockefeller Center and caught sight of the traditional display of lit up angels lining the walk toward the center. The tree wasn’t up yet, but it was still a sight to behold.


I also loved the glow of snowflakes against the building across from Rockefeller Center. If you go before 6p, you’ll be able to witness the magical display of moving snowflakes, music and light.


And of course the very pretty twinkling blue lights in the trees surrounding the Rockefeller Center area.


Other Must See Holiday Window Displays: Lord & Taylor and Macy’s. May you all have a beautiful holiday season, filled with family, friends, warmth and love!


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Christmas in the City

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

I’ve always loved Christmas in New York City, with all the beautifully decorated trees, pretty colorful lights, holiday markets, window shop displays, 5th Avenue, and the feeling of joy & good cheer. Before going back to CA for the holidays, I spent the day with some wonderful friends and got to experience all that the NYC holiday scene has to offer.

We met at the New York Public Library at Bryant Park, by the huge and magnificient stately Christmas tree, with pillars and candles on either side of it.

NY Library

NY Library

After marveling at the beauty of the tree, we headed to the Bryant Park Holiday Market, which was lovely and quite charming. We all enjoyed having our hands washed with soap, salt scrub, warm water and then pampered with lotion that made our hands baby soft and smooth. The tree there was also nice, with blue lights and silver ornaments and a star on top.

We continued on and checked out the window displays on the shops at 5th Avenue. There was everything from gorgeous high fashion and elaborate designs, to the cutesy, snowy and fun displays.

Bergdorf's Window

Bergdorf’s Window

Saks Window

Saks Window

We then of course passed by the beautiful Rockefeller Christmas tree and angels…

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center

We also went into St. Patrick’s Cathedral with the display of Jesus’ impending birth, illuminated with red candles shining brightly in front.

 And of course we witnessed some of the staples of the season: Red bow tied at the side of a building to make it look like a life size present; sparkling belt buckles of twinkling gold lights; decked out lights, diamond accents, greenery in front of Harry Winston (jewelry); a huge brightly white glittering snowflake in the air; a very large scorpion-like bird in bright lights alongside Bvlgari’s shop…

Belt Buckles

Belt Buckles

Harry Winston

Harry Winston

 We finished up at the Plaza Hotel, where I saw my favorite tree yet. It had white lights, gold balls and the best part- cascading glittering silver snowflakes surrounding the tree.


Wishing you and yours the very best this Holiday Season!

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