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Bronycon 2015

A few weekends ago (August 7-9, 2015) I traveled to Baltimore, MD meeting up with friends to go to BronyCon, which is the largest convention for fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. For Bronycon, I dressed in purple and glitter (wearing a beautiful pale purple tulle skirt that my friend made for me), in the style of Twilight Sparkle. Here, I am pictured with the friendly Applejack!

bronycon_applejackThere were over hundred panels and activities at Bronycon this year. Some of panels were dedicated to the convention’s guests of honor, as well as panels from members of the fanbase on art, music, writing, video productions, and other community aspects. The convention also provided several activity rooms, such as for arts and crafts, video games, cosplay and card game tournaments.

The following were some of my favorite events:

Bronypalooza: A musical concert over two nights, featuring fan musicians, such as Jeff Burgess & the Bad Mares, SaxBrony, ElieMonty, Seventh Element, ArtAttack, Rhyme Flow, Eurobeat Brony and many more!

bronypaloozaCosplay/Costumes: I loved seeing all the gorgeous, flowing, handmade costumes throughout the conference. Below, I am pictured with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.

Bronycon_fluttershyGrand Galloping Gala: Lovely and lively dance party, from classical music to more energetic tunes.

Hooves Line is it Anyway?: A fun-filled hilarious ponified-version of “Whose Line is it Anyway?” by talented actors.

Marketplace: Over 200 vendors selling handmade art, along with selected retail vendors with licensed My Little Pony merchandise, such as the ever popular plushies and games.

bronycon_purple dressbronycon_kidsHere is some of the merchandise that I purchased: Luna bag, glittery soap and a gorgeous drawing of Princess Celestia.

bronycon_merchOpen Mic: An eclectic mix of My Little Pony related poetry, singing, skits.

Also, while walking around the Baltimore Convention Center, we came across some great photo ops with Furries!

bronycon_furriesbronycon_furryI also enjoyed the conference’s close proximity to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, which my friends and I explored during the late afternoons and evenings, enjoying several delicious meals in the area.

bronycon_inner harborOverall, I had an amazingly fun adventure-filled weekend at Bronycon, and I am so happy I got to share this experience with awesome friends.

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My Little Pony Party

This past weekend, I happened across a My Little Pony Pop Up Shop, where an opening reception party was being held (likely to coincide with Comic Con). I knew I had to go in. The main section exhibited different My Little Pony one of a kind 18” inch pony figure works of art, designed by artists and celebrities. There were ponies by Perez Hilton, Hanazuki, Hime+you, Junie Moon and Lamour Supreme. They were being sold with a portion of the money donated to charity: Give Kids the World Village, which I found really amazing and inspiring.

I even got a huge My Little Pony bag (pictured below) with  a little gift of mini My Little Pony to keep – Trixie Lulamoon & a DVD of an episode. Yes, I still watch “My Little Pony.”

Some of my favorites: A hot pink sparkly my little pony; cotton candy blue one with colorful swirls painted one; a pale pink one with a black leather mask and stirrup (slightly naughty); a beautiful lavender one with screen printed pixie princess; a Victorian royalty inspired little pony; a white one with pink and pale orange blooming flowers in her mane & tail, with a lovely depiction of koi-like fish painted on her body; a demure pony with little flowers of pastel pink, purple, blue, yellow.

And of course I loved taking pictures with the beautiful and oh-so-girly My Little Ponies themselves.

I even had the chance to get my hair done by a really fun stylist. She put in 2 hot pink extensions in my hair- one on each side, and made a braid (with a hot pink extension woven in) that twisted over on one side then curled the end.

Then I had to get a picture with a Japanese girl with candy colored hair extensions up in a huge bun with bangs and one braid and a too cute for words Princess Celestia shirt.

I also enjoyed the very cute and sparkly displays.

All in all, a very girly and sweet, magical event that really brought My Little Pony to life and satiated my love for them.

If you would like to visit the MY LITTLE PONY Pop-Up Shop, here are the details. Located at The Hester at The Eventi Hotel 835 6th Avenue at 29th Street.


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