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Afternoon in Williamsburg

I don’t go to Brooklyn often, but I visited my friend in Williamsburg, Brooklyn the other weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Loved all the cute shops, great restaurants, cool graffiti. Plus, it’s very close to Manhattan, which is a big bonus. I got to check out my friend’s new loft and rooftop.


The rooftop had gorgeous views of the city: Lovely buildings, Williamsburg Bridge, what used to be Williamsburg Savings Bank (now used as a premiere luxury events space)…

williamsburgThere were a lot of beautiful sights on that rooftop. This heart shape in the chain link fence, right in front of the gorgeous domed Williamsburg Savings Bank is one of those sights.

For lunch, we headed to an Indian restaurant called Mahal Kita.  The interior was spacious and elegant, with chandeliers and brown/tan color scheme.


As per usual at any Indian restaurant, I ordered a Mango Lassi drink. Since my friend frequents the restaurant, we got our drinks for free which was an unexpected and gracious gesture. The Mango Lassi was tasty, refreshing and not too sweet.


I chose the marinated rack of lamb with potatoes and peppers for my main course, which was delicious. The lamb was juicy, succulent, full of flavor in a delectable sauce and was slightly charred which is the way I like my meat. The medley of vegetables in an orange sauce was quite wonderful and paired with the lamb well, giving it an extra layer of flavor.


The meal at Mahal Kita was wonderful, the service attentive and they had a 20% off dine in special!


After our meal, we stopped into Pies n Thighs, the restaurant well known for its Southern cuisine which usually has an hour long wait to be seated… Luckily, they have desserts that can be purchased to go, so I got myself some apple pie (which I ate later). It was flaky tasty cinnamon spiced apple pie with a rich all butter crust… That crust was amazing.


Then on my way back to the L train, I had to stop at Williamsburg Creamery, known for its homemade ice cream. I selected the White Raspberry with chocolate chunks and it was delectable and oh so mouthwatering and sweet! I also had the Vanilla ice cream with fudge and peanut butter, which I expected to like a lot more. It was actually too plain for me- The vanilla didn’t have enough of the fudge and peanut butter mixed in.



Mahal Kita
184 Havemeyer St
Brooklyn, NY

Pies n Thighs
166 S. 4 St
Brooklyn, NY

Williamsburg Creamery
201 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY


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Brick Lane Curry House


Brick Lane Curry House is a quaint little spot in the East Village with a London theme, complete with a huge MIND THE GAP sign, map of London underground and other memorabilia. The lighting was dim, but the seating was comfortable and cozy. We immediately received the free appetizer of thin crispy bread with three sauces. I liked the tomato as well as the sweet dark brown sauce.


First thing I ordered (as I do in every Indian restaurant) was the Mango Lassi, which came with a cherry. The drink was absolutely delicious: Sweet, full of mango flavor, thick consistency, perfectly chilled and completely refreshing.

bricklane_mango lass

My friend and I decided on sharing our meal. We were a little limited on what we could order because we both don’t like spicy foods so the waiter suggested the Tandoori jumbo prawns. We also ordered the Chicken Korma Curry and garlic naan. The naan was just okay for me. I normally can eat quite a bit of it, but here only had one quarter of a piece. It came warm, but the bread wasn’t crispy or baked well enough for me and the flavor of garlic was very light to nonexistent. Or perhaps I’ve been spoiled because I’ve had “real” naan when I was in India…


The tandoori jumbo prawn comes in a sizzling black platter and is cooked with vegetables, such as peppers, onion, carrot, lettuce – A salad of sorts. The shrimp was quite good, but there were only 5 of them which was too little for the price we paid. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the light lemon, ginger, garlic, pepper flavor of the shrimp and liked that it was slightly burnt.


The Chicken Korma Curry was wonderful and not spicy at all. Korma is a creamy, almond based gravy with a touch of saffron. All the flavors mingled together beautifully and the chicken was nicely cooked, tender and tasty. I especially liked the sauce with the rice, which came with peas, carrots and cashews.


While we enjoyed the meal, the service was not the best. We decided we were too full for dessert and it felt like the waiter was pushing us to order more throughout the meal. Also, after we ordered the main course, he didn’t come around as much and it took awhile for us to get our check.  So, overall the service was lacking and the dishes were a bit overpriced. I would probably not come back to this location, but if I came across one of the more convenient locations, I would get myself a Mango Lassi.


Brick Lane Curry House
306-308 E 6 St + Midtown & Upper East Side locations
New York, NY
Brick Lane Curry House

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