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Greenwich Village Food Tour

I recently had the pleasure of doing a Greenwich Village Food Tour with Free Tours By Foot. We made 6 stops and learned some history along the way, which was a nice bonus. Below are the places we tried:

Our first food stop was Mamoun’s Falafel, a favorite among NYU students and for good reason: It is delicious and cheap.


I sampled one of the falafel balls with tahini sauce, which was incredibly flavorful and warm.


Next, we sampled ¼ of an Artichoke Pizza slice for $1, which was definitely enough! It was a slice of creamy, cheesy goodness, though I would have appreciated more artichoke pieces.


Bantum Bagels was actually one of the places I didn’t know about. They sell bite sized bagels with cream cheese filling inside. I was tempted to buy one of each flavor, but realized that would be way too much so settled for two bagel bites: One sweet and one savory. Bleecker Street was a delicious mouthwatering little ball of cheddar cheese with a pepperoni on the outside and marinara mozzarella  cream sauce on the inside. The French Toast flavor is made out of a cinnamon nutmeg egg bagel and filled with buttery maple syrupy cream cheese. It was delightful, tasting of sweet toast, cinnamon and sugar.


At Faicco’s we tried the risotto rice balls, which were mediocre. I wasn’t too impressed; it wasn’t flavorful and cheesy enough for me.


Bleecker Street Pizza is a well known thin crust pizza establishment. We tried the basil cheese kind and enjoyed the fresh flavors.


The last place we visited was Sugar & Plumm. Unfortunately, their ice cream parlor shop in the back was closed, so I couldn’t get a milkshake. I was quite happy with the hot chocolate actually- It was sweet and very rich with chocolate flavor. It was made even better by the addition of a huge sweet, thick and fluffy marshmallow. I also tried their salted caramel French macaron which was a bit too sweet for me. I would skip the macaron if you go; there are far better places.














Overall, a very fun, delicious and informative tour… Also, it was very affordable- I ended up spending under $15 at all 6 establishments!

In order to go on this tour (as well as many others), please visit Free Tours By Foot, a walking tour company that gives free walking, food, bike, bus & shopping tours. They are also available in other cities such as London, Berlin, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington DC and many more.


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Hot Chocolate Crawl


I had the pleasure of participating in a hot chocolate crawl on Sunday with the most fun group of friends ever.


We started off at Jacques Torres, where I’ve been to previously and had enjoyed the frozen hot chocolate as well as the ice cream sandwiches. I had heard good things about the hot chocolate here so I was looking forward to sampling. My friend and I had wanted a peanut butter hot chocolate but they didn’t have that ready so we went for the caramel hot chocolate. I had high expectations and was unimpressed. The caramel taste wasn’t strong enough, the chocolate not chocolatey enough but at least we had gotten whipped cream, while other members of the group hadn’t. I then got to try the hot chocolate with orange which was much more satisfactory – delightful orange flavor and overall just a lovely mix of orange & chocolate.


The next stop was in the heart of Soho at Vosges, which was beautifully decorated with deep purple and white. I also liked the pretty Keats poem gorgeously written out on a huge board. Everything was so lovely, but also a little pretentious. But Bianca hot chocolate was amazing. It is is made of white chocolate, a hint of lavender and flavors reminiscent of lemongrass and kaffir.  The taste was delicate, milky, luscious and unique. It was also not too sweet- just right. The finesse and beauty of this hot chocolate far surpassed that of Jacques Torres.


MarieBelle was our next spot and this place is a wonderland of exquisite designs and chocolates. We were greeted by a very lovely staffer and she let us know that their hot chocolates are made with water, not milk, in the tradition of European hot chocolate. We thought that the hot chocolate would not  be as rich this way, but we were in for a surprise. We chose the Hazelnut hot chocolate and it was amazing- Pure chocolate taste, incredibly thick, rich, hot, and divine. It reminded of Nutella and pure delicious hot chocolate. This was the best place for a classic cup of hot chocolate, and it didn’t even need the marshmallows.

My friends went on to the heart of the West Village to visit Chocolate Bar and City Bakery, but I had other plans so sadly did not get to join them. I haven’t been to Chocolate Bar yet but have tried City Bakery and they are known for the delectable huge marshmallows- I would recommend. By the way, next month, City Bakery is having their 21st Annual Hot Chocolate Festival Calendar of Flavors! I, personally would go for Ginger, Love Potion, Ode to the Polar Bear… Care to join?


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