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Amazing Grace on Broadway

amazinggrace_outsideI got the chance to see “Amazing Grace” during the previews and am so glad I did! This Broadway musical is based on a true story that tells the tale of how John Newton penned the hymn, “Amazing Grace.” There is an amazing back story to the song that was about slavery, love, bravery.

I was completely mesmerized by the show from the very first moment to the last. The musical really takes the audience on a journey… There were a lot of tough and emotional scenes, especially regarding slave trade. The musical gave us a glimpse of the brutality in which the imprisoned slaves were treated. I found myself feeling deeply for the slaves, and tearing up on quite a few occasions. Despite the hard to watch moments, there were many inspirational moments and gestures of kindness, as well.

The actors were superb and really captured the audience’s attention with their witty dialogue and beautiful singing. The songs were wonderful: Heartfelt, full of meaning and all the actors had gorgeous voices that harmonized perfectly.

The main actors were amazing… Josh Young who played John Newton was handsome, manly and stubborn. His character changed drastically during the show and Young portrayed this gracefully. Erin Mackey played Mary Catlett, Newton’s love interest and she was absolutely stunningly gorgeous, courageous, compassionate and wonderful. Her soprano voice was pure delight to the ears.

There were also a few characters I did not care for, but actually “loved to hate” – They played their villainous parts well.

I really liked the lavish costumes as well. The gowns were extravagant in all different colors with lots of pretty lace and material. The outfits for the men were sharp and smart.

Overall, “Amazing Grace” was powerful, compelling and beautiful. It will make you cry, laugh and feel.



AMAZING GRACE at Nederlander Theatre
208 W 41 St
New York, NY

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