Happy Chinese New Year!


Welcome to the Year of the Snake!

To celebrate, I had a sit-down dinner at home (I know, a rare occurrence) with family friends. We had a wonderful home-cooked meal of steamed whole white fish; Chinese-style fish with onions in a sweet/sour sauce; Chinese-style vegetables such as cabbage, spinach and tofu; fried radish; Chinese-style beef; shrimp with mushroom and tomatoes; soup of corn chowder and mushroom. Yum!

I will be continuing the celebration next weekend in Atlantic City at “Lunar New Year Extravaganza!” with a good friend of mine. We will be marching in the parade at the Atlantic City Boardwalk and be treated to free breakfast, lunch and round trip!

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and a year full of love, happiness and good fortune!



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