Snowshoeing at High Point


This past weekend I went snowshoeing for the first time at High Point, New Jersey and it turned out to be a great experience! Despite forecasting of little to no snow, there was plenty to be found and I loved the winter wonderland view of the woods covered with snow and the lake with frosted ice.

Before starting out snowshoeing, I met a beautiful Husky mix named Miko with a friendly, sweet demeanor and went over to pet, hug and play with her. She was so soft and had gorgeous coloring- It looked like she belonged in the snowy atmosphere. I so wanted to take her with me- I absolutely adore Huskies (and want one of my own)!


After spending time with Miko, we left to try out our snowshoes (Brand: Tubbs, which we were told are top of the line) and took a hike around the lake. It was actually fairly easy to get the hang of the snowshoes, especially since we started out on flat surface. We had to get through a more rocky, treacherous part while we were snowshoeing around the lake though. However, we managed to get through it, with our snowshoes still on, so we felt pretty accomplished afterwards.


After the hike around the lake, we went on a short hike with a Naturalist who gave us some history of the place and what kind of animals live in the area. It was pretty interesting but we wanted to trek out on a more challenging trail, so the whole group of us made our way up to the Monument.


It wasn’t too bad as a lot of the way was sort of flat (my favorite parts), with a bit of an uphill incline. However, there were some parts as we got closer to the Monument that were steeper going uphill which was a bit difficult for me but I kept going and made it to our destination.  Anyway, it was great to be up there and of course the view was fantastic!


We took a little break to have some lunch. I was blessed to have people share their food with me and enjoyed apple slices, half a turkey bacon sandwich and a trail mix bar. After eating, sitting and chatting for a bit, we continued back to the lodge. Thank goodness we went the trail was on a loop so that the way back was mostly downhill. We got down to the lake and had to go through the rocky part again, but thankfully had much help.

It felt good to be inside, with our snowshoes off! We sat by the fireplace, had some hot chocolate and enjoyed each others’ company.

It was such a beautiful day: Great company, good times, lots of exercise, wonderful weather… The only thing that would’ve made it better if we had the chance to play in the snow. I’m talking snowball fight, building snowmen, making snow angels but we still had a very full and fun day!


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  1. Herminia

    Nice landscape, the beauty of snow and iced lakes. Loved the hybrid . You looked very nice.

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