Day At The Botanical Gardens

This past weekend, I went on a date that started off with brunch at Pershing Square, the bustling Midtown restaurant right across the street from Grand Central (and underneath the Park Avenue Viaduct). This lovely restaurant was roomy, with a wonderful energy and surprisingly comfortable. Also, loved that it was quiet enough to have an intimate conversation, while businessmen, tourists and locals all shared the same space.

I had the steak and eggs (any style you wish), which came with home fries and toast. The meal was delicious. I loved the peppery taste of the steak, which was quite juicy and well done. The crispy potatoes were well seasoned. The eggs, which I ordered fried and cooked completely were a bit flat and not as flavorful as it could’ve been. But overall a great meal to start the day.

We then headed to the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx by way of Metro North. A truly vast, beautiful space with so much to see. Upon entering, we checked out the gorgeous and magnificent building (that housed Monet’s Paintings & Photographs), with an intricate fountain of mermaids and sea creatures in front. It was reminiscent of fountains in the piazzas of Italy… Okay, not quite, but close.













We continued on to see interesting statues, grassy lawns, rock formations, different types of trees, colorful bushes and plants then came to the elegant Haupt Conservatory which was home to many beautiful and exotic plants, flowers and displays of bridges, water, fountains, trees, ivy.













Outside of the conservatory was something of a Monet Garden with different colored flowers of pale pink, violet, lavender, yellow and huge green lily pads covered the surface, as well as some golden koi fish.













We walked through high ceiling-ed gardens, roses, the children’s garden filled with carved pumpkins and came across a bridge that led to a sort of gazebo near a larger body of water covered with green moss. Then a quiet tree-lined area and after that took a free trolley tour around the rest of the Botanical Gardens, which was quite fun and as an added bonus, learned some interesting facts about the Gardens. Overall, a wonderful afternoon and lovely experience.

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