Special Dinner at Mr. K’s

I’ve always seen Mr. K’s restaurant on my way to the Waldorf and finally had the pleasure of dining there the other night. One of my Meetup groups was planning a dinner there and the host was kind enough to use his $200 gift certificate towards the meal.

The interior of Mr. K was an elegant, lavish sight of pink deco- comfortable, plush pink chairs; jade platters with gold writing; golden silverware; Mr. K’s namesake illuminated from underneath the table; high ceilings; lit wooden panels and glass designs.


Our main reason for trying out Mr. K was to taste the Peking Duck. They actually wrapped the duck in pancakes for us, with sauce on the side which I wasn’t expecting. Part of the fun of ordering Peking Duck is to do that part ourselves. The duck was decent, but I would’ve liked more of the crispy skin.

peking duck

We also ordered a few other dishes. I really enjoyed the crispy beef. It was just the right amount of crispiness and sweetness. However, Triple Delight of chicken, shrimp & beef with broccoli, as well as the chicken & shrimp fried rice were just okay but nothing spectacularly special. The bok choy with mushroom, though, was quite good- Fresh vegetables, nice sauce and flavor.

mrk food
A few of the folks ordered coffee, while I ordered a chocolate mousse dessert. The coffee was made in front of us in a reverse boiler, which was pretty awesome to watch. The glass was lit with fire underneath and while the water boiled, the coffee filtered through.

mrk coffee

Though I didn’t partake in the coffee, I thoroughly enjoyed my chocolate mousse dessert: Rich, decadent, and extremely chocolate-y. So good that I had to take some home for later. The meal ended with really lovely dark mint chocolate in gold and lavender wrapping with Mr. K’s logo on top, which I thought was a thoughtful and unique touch.

While the decor and service were of high quality, not all the food was up to par especially at the high prices but I’m really glad I was able to come and try it out for a fraction of the cost, thanks to Alex our wonderful host!


Address: 570 Lexington Ave.

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