Lockout & The Lucky One

I had the privilege of previewing two movies (at free screenings) this week. The first was Lockout with Guy Pearce  where he plays a sexy bad guy who is given the mission to rescue the president’s daughter from a maximum-security prison in space that has been overtaken by hundreds of inmates, who are murdering and taking crew hostage.

It’s an interesting plot, but the execution of it wasn’t so great. It was cliche, predictable and the dialogue was lacking. Though I did like some of the banter between Snow (Guy Pearce) and Emily (the president’s daughter). The characters were not very developed and many were inconsistent. I also found most of them to be pretty dumb. The smartest person in the movie was Snow.

Snow (Guy Pearce) was probably the most redeeming quality of the movie- Good acting, and oh so sexy and smoldering with swagger and a sweet physique of bulging muscles.

But I did enjoy watching Lockout. It was entertaining and action-packed.


The other movie I got to see was The Lucky One which I was expecting to like a lot more than I did, especially since I’m a big fan of Zac Efron. He was decent in it and looked great with those beautiful blue eyes of his but the plot, character development, and dialogue were mediocre, at best.

I mean, I liked that Zac played a Marine and that he lived through all those crazy life threatening situations because of one thing in particular, but to base a whole movie off that- it was a little much. I would’ve liked to see more twists. I wanted the movie to go deeper, to explore more themes and show motivation behind actions.

I also wanted to like the Beth (Taylor Schilling) more than I did. I found her to be whiny and ridiculous at times, and it didn’t help that I kept thinking she looked like she was in her 30’s when Zac is clearly much younger. Their relationship was not fully developed either.

I did really like Ellie (Blythe Danner) who was Beth’s grandmother. Ellie was understanding, funny, sweet and wise. And of course Logan (Zac Efron) was a beautiful character- Mysterious, but fiercely protective and loving.

I’m definitely glad I got to see these particular movies for free!

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