Macy’s Flower Show

It still doesn’t feel like Spring to me.. NYC seems to be plagued by chilly and windy nights, though some of the days are not so bad. However, there is one place in the middle of the city that looks and feels like true Spring and that is inside Macy’s Flower Show, featuring Brasil: Gardens in Paradise. Instead of the flower show being infused inside of the store, this year it’s housed inside a huge tent outside on 34th St and Broadway.

There is an beautiful display of lush plants and colorful blooms that are reminiscent of tropical rainforest and urban gardens. The Flower Show features six separate gardens that come together on a whimsical, winding cobblestone path. Each garden depicts a different type of Brazilian horticulture, from old-world gardens with towering palm trees to cool urban rooftop gardens.

The Flower Show starts with green, purple and deep red leaves with fuchsia and lilac flowers surrounding a small, charming fountain.  The walls behind are painted to represent windows which adds a homey village touch.

Next, there was a huge Toucan bird made out of almost glittery material and painted gorgeously bright colors: Yellow, sky blue, green, orange and red. The bird was surrounded by leafy greens.

There was a small area with some more greenery and pinkish white, purple flowers and a birdbath drinking fountain protruding out of the wall. Then I come upon a lovely villa area, which transported me to a world of sunlight and serenity.

Next along the path was the sound of fresh water trickling. There is a wooden footbridge which leads to a beautiful waterfall coming down a stone-like fixture.

The Amazon Garden shows off colorful and delightful blooms, featuring chocolate, coffee, papaya and citrus plants, which are native to Brazil’s rainforest.

Close to the last part of the Flower Show, the walls were painted sky blue with clouds with mountains in the distance; potted plants and flowers and chairs were placed as if on a patio with a beautifully wrought fountain. This display gave a sense of being in a small villa in an exotic locale.

To further make me feel as if I was in a lovely exotic location, there was a room set up with large windows, huge green ferns, comfortable red chairs, and a delightful bouquet of pink and white flowers, red berries and green leaves hanging from the ceiling.

Nearing the exit is a little tree shaped kind of like a palm tree and mosaic tiles in shades of blue and white.









Macy’s Flower Show was a delightful tropical and exotic journey of vibrant colors, plants, flowers, waterfall, and wonder. It is definitely worth a visit, and is open daily from 10A to 9P through Saturday, April 7.


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2 responses to “Macy’s Flower Show

  1. Anonymous

    :ahhhh: How beautiful! ^o^*

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for post Kathy.
    I like Macy’s real Flower show so beautiful. I missed.

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