Free Screenings: The Vow, Wanderlust, Act of Valor

One of the many things I love about living in NYC are the free movie screenings. I’ve been to three in the past few weeks: The Vow, Wanderlust and Act of Valor.

I thought I would be head over heels over The Vow. It is after all my favorite type of film- Romance, and starring one of my favorite actors, Channing Tatum. For me, he made the film. His acting, his conviction, his good looks kept me interested. Rachel McAdams played her part well, but to me she was not a likeable character (which may have been the point).

However, if I woke up with amnesia only remembering my college days and found out that I was married to this handsome, incredibly understanding and kind stranger who loved me so fiercely, I would only want to love him the same way back. His unconditional love is the kind of love I dream of having… But she had to find her own way again which is fair.

The journey was frustrating and a bit stilted, but at least it made you root for the couple. It made you think. And in the end, it was beautiful especially when you remember it was based on a true story.

A friend invited me to see Wanderlust and the plus was we got to sit in the press section. When my friend first mentioned the movie, I hadn’t even heard of it! When I found out that Jennifer Aniston was in it, whom I love, I was instantly excited to see it. Then I remembered that Aniston is not the best at picking films that portray her as a serious actress, and this movie was no different from her other happy-fun-mediocre choices.

Wanderlust is a quirky weird movie about a couple who cannot stay in their new apartment in the West Village on Christopher St(!) due to unforeseen circumstances.  They travel out of the city and happen upon a commune with a memorable set of characters that welcome them with open arms. The commune inhabitants have strange out-there rituals but there’s a certain charm to living there and it’s an interesting journey full of laughs.

Now, Act of Valor was a force to be reckoned with. If you know me, you know that one of my deepest loves is servicemen in the military, especially Navy, Marine and Air Force. I know and have met many in my lifetime and always find I have a special connection with them.

Act of Valor stars actual and active US Navy Seals. High energy, lots of action- a bit too much but that’s to be expected in this type of movie. The emotion and operations were real which made it all the more heart wrenching to watch. It was an intense and emotional tearjerker of special operations units performing courageous missions and acts.

To imagine that this is what US Navy Seals go through day in and day out, and that they routinely put down their lives for each other and their country without a second thought – It made me love these men even more, if that’s at all possible.

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