Couture Fashion Week

Since 2003, Couture Fashion Week (CFW) has been the industry standard in fashion when it comes to luxury designs. CFW features fine designers from around the world showcasing exquisite fashions and accessories; world class entertainment and exhibits of art and luxury products.  CFW NYC happens at the elegant Waldorf Astoria.

Being the PR Director for Couture Fashion Week is not easy – Keeping designers happy; figuring out who gets to go backstage; checking people in; escorting designers, models, & press to the red carpet/press room; and making sure the the shows run smoothly. However, it definitely comes with its perks, such as backstage access, seeing the shows for free and getting some really amazing pictures.

Each show features two designers and performers. In the first show, the performer did a haunting and emotion-filled rendition of “I Will Always Love You.” Then, we were presented with Collection Amoureux – Bridal Hair Couture by Elie Esper. This was a beautiful collection- most of the models wore barely there, white see through gowns with a thin line of white roses applique, straight down their front, over their breasts and rimming the bottom of their risque and skintight gowns.

Collection Amoureux - Bridal Hair Couture Elie Esper

There was one model in a gorgeously stunning and more traditional wedding gown with silver sequins exquisitely placed down the front. That one was by far my favorite dress and favorite model.

Collection Amoureux - My Favorite Gown

Their hair were big and bold in curls and in buns either to the side, straight up or down. Some of my favorite hairstyles were adorned with a sparkly iridescent white feathered flower with a small white lace veil attached in front; a gold rose-like swirls to the side, and pale white and pink flowers in the front paired with white gauzy material behind. Below is a close up of the best hairstyles:

Bridal Hair Couture Elie Esper

Sushma Patel, from India was the next designer and her collection with young, hip and rich with colors, especially turquoise and hot pink. The models all had circles of connected hot pink and black around their hair, which was all put up in high buns atop their heads. The center model was a lovely and charming young girl in an off the shoulder black dress with red and orange flower accents and a yellow belt.

Sushma Patel

Second show of the day featured Pietra Banchi and Isabel Zapardiez from Spain – Bridal Couture. Pietra’s collection was not exciting for me, as it consisted of mostly black and dark silver – to me, drab colors. Though I did like one one dress that was lighter- a pale purple-ish white silky number with sweet ribbon detailing in the front.

Pietra Banchi

Now, Isabel Zapardiez – Bridal Couture was something to talk about. Simply breathtaking, graceful, unique collection and the models showed them off well.

Couture Bridal on Runway

Last show of the day had Laura Williams and BlacMera by Yuliana Candra. I enjoyed BlacMera collection better, as it was full of bright colors such as blue, coral, red and gold. Everything was made beautifully, whether it was a corset made out of peacocks, a full dress skirt made of tulle, pale blue and grey front of the dress made of roses. All the dresses fit the models perfectly and had really pretty accents such as ruffles and ruching.



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